Ice Safety Solutions For Your Commercial Ice Machine

A Simple Guide to Ice Machine Safety

According to the FDA, ice is classified as a food – and for good reason. Foodborne illness can harm your customers and your reputation. While ice cubes may seem safe, they can transfer germs from an employee to a drink. It’s important that your employees understand that safe ice handling is just as important as safe food handling. Our handy guide to ice machine safety shows you how to keep your ice machine clean and safe.

Ice Contamination

While germs rarely grow on the surface of an ice cube, they can hitch a ride for short periods of time and end up in a drink. A dirty ice machine can lead to pathogens that contaminate your ice supply. Bacterial and viral are commonly passed to the ice machine from an employee.

Prevent Ice Contamination

Mold and Slime

Ice machines provide a dark and damp environment that can attract mold and slime without routine cleaning. Mold and slime feed off of organic material in the air like paper shavings, dust, and yeast. Businesses like bakeries and breweries are particularly susceptible to rapid mold and slime growth do to working with yeast. Routine cleaning is the best way to deal with mold and slime growth.

How to Clean Your Ice Machine of Mold, Slime, and Scale

Ice Machine Safety

The main cause of a contaminated ice supply is from employees handling ice in an unsafe way. That’s why proper ice handling techniques are a must for any business if you want to maintain a safe ice supply for your customers and employees.

Ice Safety Tips for Businesses

Ice Scoops

Ice scoops are a necessary ice machine safety for all ice bins. They are the safest way to grab ice from ice bins for customer of employees use. Ice scoops keep hands away from the ice, which can transfer germs to your ice supply. Ice scoops need proper care as well. Storing your ice scoop in a safe place can keep the surface free from contaminants.

The Real Scoop About Ice Scoops

Ozone in Ice Machines

Ozone is a natural gas that works 3000 times faster than chlorine. Ozone occurs naturally in sunlight and lightning. Ozone generators are used in water treatment plants to keep water free of harmful contaminants. Our ozone generators are a state-of-the-art ice safety solution that keeps your ice machine free of mold, slime, and other contaminant that can make people sick. They are a great addition to ice machine located in bakeries, breweries, and hospitals.

The Benefits of an Ozone Generator

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Keeping Your Ice Supply Safe and Sanitary