Manitowoc IDT-0500N Remote Cooled Dice Ice Machine

510 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IDT-0500N ice machine belongs to the new Indigo NXT series. This remote ice maker is designed for easy access. It’s easy to clean and maintenance goes by faster, both of which help extend the lifespan of your ice maker. Manitowoc remote ice machines place noisy and heat-producing components outside of your establishment, so customers can enjoy silence. The Manitowoc IDT-0500N ice machine is treated with antimicrobial agents to help limit mold and slime.

The EasyRead® display shows information, schedules air/water filter change reminders, and programs your ice production. Manitowoc ice makers produce their unique “rhomboid” shaped cubes. Dice Ice (ID) is a square-shaped cube that is great for everyday use or high-end beverages. Their square shape helps elevate the look of cocktails and soft drinks alike.