What if I Get the Wrong Size Ice Machine?

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Figuring out the ice machine size your business needs can be tricky.  Our technicians and sales reps do a thorough assessment of your business before recommending an ice machine.  Most of the time, we are spot-on with our recommendations.  But sometimes a business outgrows the ice machine.

We offer a flexible equipment change benefit with every subscription, just in case.  As your business expands, we have the capability of meeting those needs through our upgrade program.

Easy Ice can easily switch you to a larger or smaller ice machine unit for a one-time nominal fee and the difference in the monthly payments.  Your monthly subscription price will reflect the fee level of the new ice machine.  Note:  Water-cooled ice machine require a 3 year agreement and are not eligible for equipment upgrade for 3 years.

Our handy ice usage estimator can help you decide how much ice production you really need.  Our sales reps and customer service can help you find the best size ice machine for your company’s needs.

We understand that businesses grow, that’s why our ice machine subscriptions are flexible.  We want to help your succeed and give you the easiest access to ice.  Easy Ice is committed to our customers’ success and we give them every tool available to help them achieve their goals.

If you buy the wrong sized commercial ice maker and you need a larger one, you going to have to spend more capital and be forced to sell the wrong sized ice machine for a fraction of what you initially paid for it.  With an easy ice subscription, you don’t have to worry about making a getting the wrong machine.  Our flexible upgrade  equipment swap is hassle-free!

If you think you need a different size ice machine, just let us know by calling our Easy Ice customer service team.  Customer service is available 24/7, 365 days a year at our toll-free number.


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