The 500 lb Ice Machine: A Great Option for Small Businesses

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500 lb ice machine

If you run a small to mid-sized business, a 500 lb. ice machine is most likely the perfect size to meet your business needs. There are many 500-pound ice makers on the market, in all different models and ice types. Here at Easy Ice, we have a large selection of 300 to 500-pound ice makers in our affordable ice machine subscription program.

Looking for a 500-lb ice maker for your business? We show you the businesses that benefit most from a 500-lb ice machine and which models are a cut above the rest!

What Kind of Businesses Benefit from a 500 lb. Ice Machine?

Many small businesses will have plenty of ice from a 500 lb. ice machine. This is the case across many different industries. Keep in mind, if you use ice in other areas, like food prep, product displays, bar wells, etc. you should size accordingly. Here are some business scenarios where a 500 lb. ice machine is perfectly suited:

  • Small restaurants that serve around 250 customers a day
  • Cafeterias that serve around 250 customers a day
  • Cocktail bars that serve around 100 customers a day
  • Construction companies that go through 10-12 5-gallon coolers a day
  • Hotels or motels with 80 rooms or less

Hoshizaki 500 lb. Ice Machines

Hoshizaki’s KM-series commercial ice machines are their most popular models. All KM Hoshizaki ice makers produce their signature ice cube, Crescent ice. Crescent ice is a near-perfect ice cube for all kinds of industries. It’s crystal clear and solid, so they melt slowly and won’t dilute the flavor of drinks.

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Some popular KM-series 500 lb. ice makers from Hoshizaki include the KM-520MAJ ice machine. This machine produces as much as 556 lbs of ice-cold crescent ice a day. These models also come in water cooled and remote cooled ice machine models as well.

If you’re looking for a more traditional cube for your small cocktail or whiskey bar, the IM-500SAA ice machine produces Hoshizaki’s square ice. Square ice is made with only the clearest water, so ice never alters the taste of delicate cocktails. These are large ice cubes, so they melt slowly and won’t water down drinks. Best yet, square ice elevates the look of classic cocktails and top-shelf whiskeys.

Manitowoc 500 lb. Ice Machines

Manitowoc is known for making some of the most energy-efficient ice machines on the market. The Manitowoc NXT ice machine series comes with a digital touchscreen display that alerts users to potential problems within the unit or notifies them when ice machine service is due.

Manitowoc ice makers are also easy to service, so technicians can perform ice machine cleaning and maintenance quickly.

Manitowoc NXT ice machines produce three types of ice, half-dice ice, dice ice, and regular ice.

Half-dice ice is the perfect choice for busy bars and restaurants. These cubes are narrow, so more cubes fit into a glass. This design chills drinks fully and helps them appear fuller and more appealing to the eye.

Dice ice is twice the width of half-dice ice. As the name suggests, these cubes are about the same size a 6-sided die. Dice is great for all types of beverages. Soft drinks benefit from a slow-melting cube that keeps liquid cold. Quality cocktails benefit from a traditional square-shaped cube that increases presentation.

Finally, regular ice is the largest ice cube Manitowoc offers. These cubes are designed with cocktails and high-end spirits in mind. Since these cubes are large, they keep drinks cool without watering them down.

As far as 500 lb. ice machines go, the Manitowoc IYT-0500A ice machine produces up to 550 lbs of their signature half-dice ice. Dice ice and Regular ice models are also available and produce a little over 500 lbs of ice each.

3 ice cubes

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Need a 500 lb. Ice Machine for Your Business?

At Easy Ice, our all-inclusive ice machine subscriptions come with top-of-the-line Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice machines in all sizes. Our 500 lb. ice makers are as reliable as they come because we guarantee performance with biannual preventive maintenance and cleaning. If there is ever a problem with the automatic ice machine,we cover the cost of the repair along with parts and labor. It’s all included in a low, monthly cost.

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