Financial and cost-saving tips to save your restaurant or small business money

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Ice-O-Nomics (The Economics of Ice Machine Ownership)

Let us tell you about the financial scoop about commercial ice machine costs over their lifetime. Warning: Commercial ice machine ownership can cause your profits to melt! Buying a commercial ice maker is not a cool decision! Well, unless you like unpredictable expenses and costs you can’t budget. Every smart business owner (this includes you, […]

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Own An Ice Machine

Smart restaurateurs and business owners spend money on things (and equipment) that generate a return, not on ice machines! Sure, you and your customers need a reliable supply of ice, but owning the ice maker is not a good use of your capital. Top Ten reasons Not to Own a Commercial Ice Machine: 1)  Purchase […]

Isn’t it Smarter to Buy an Ice Machine? I Have the Money.

When you buy a commercial ice machine, the upfront price is only the beginning of the expenses…