Manitowoc Undercounter Ice Machines: Perfect for Bar and Restaurant Use

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Manitowoc undercounter ice machine and bin

Manitowoc has a reputation for making some of the most energy-efficient and reliable ice makers on the market. Manitowoc undercounter ice machine models are no different! Manitowoc’s NEO line of undercounter ice makers is perfect for bar and restaurant employees who want an easy-to-reach supply of ice.

Easy Ice carries Manitowoc’s NEO series of undercounter ice makers under our all-inclusive ice machine lease program. We include professional maintenance and cleaning for a low monthly cost.

If you need a quality undercounter ice maker for your business, here are some reasons why a Manitowoc NEO ice maker is the best choice for you and your customers.

Manitowoc NEO Undercounter Ice Machines Are Convenient

Undercounter ice makers are popular in bars, restaurants, cafes, and other eateries that need a quick, replenishing ice supply at their fingertips.

Bartenders and other serving staff have an easy-to-reach supply of ice. There is no need to call additional staff over to grab ice for bar wells or wait stations.

Manitowoc undercounter ice makers feature a slanted bin door that allows employees to grab ice without kneeling to reach the supply.

Manitowoc Undercounter Ice Machines Feature Unapparelled Performance

Ask any ice machine technician around, and they will tell you that Manitowoc NXT ice makers are some of the most dependable ice making machines on the market.

Manitowoc undercounter ice machines continue their reputation for unquestionable reliability and performance.

Models like our Manitowoc NEO UDF0310A ice maker produces up to 286 lbs. of dice ice a day. Dice ice is one of Manitowoc’s most popular types of ice. These cubes come in a traditional square shape that looks great in soft drinks and quality cocktails alike.

Manitowoc’s vertically placed evaporator plate design ensures the machine only uses the cleanest water when making cubes. Additional minerals are drained away from the ice supply, so cubes stay clear and appealing to customers.

Front-to-front ventilation keeps heat away from the ice machine. Overly hot ice makers produce less ice. This setup maintains maximum ice cube production output even if the machine is installed in tight spaces.

Manitowoc NEO undercounter ice makers also come with a display that provides important performance information to users. The machine shows electrical information and when the bin is full.

The display also allows users to delay the making of ice during closing hours or holidays. This feature helps to reduce utility costs when the machine is not in use.

Manitowoc Undercounter Ice Makers Keep Ice Sanitary

Manitowoc NEO ice machines come with a self-cleaning feature that keeps ice safe and sanitary. Users can start the cleaning mode at the push of a button from the front display.

While this cleaning mode will help keep your ice supply safe, professional cleaning is still needed to eliminate mold or slime growth from in the ice bin or throughout the machine.

We provide two professional cleaning visits in all our ice machine subscriptions. We include the cost of cleaning into your already low monthly cost.

NEO-series ice machines feature an easily accessible ice scoop holder built directly into the bin. This keeps the scoop away from the ice supply, reducing the chance of accidental ice contamination.

Manitowoc Undercounter Ice Machines Are Easily Serviced

Manitowoc prides their commercial ice machines on their ease of serviceability. All Manitowoc ice machines allow for easy access to vital ice machine components from the unit’s front.

The Manitowoc NEO undercounter ice maker has a removable ice bin that easily slides out to reveal the machine’s internal components.

If the unit breaks down for whatever reason, ice machine technicians can fix it quickly, so your employees can get back to serving ice to your customers.

Employees should clean the ice machine air filters at least every two weeks – and Manitowoc NEO ice makers make cleaning quick and easy. Air filters are placed directly in front of the machine. Employees can easily slide them out, wipe them down, and replace them in a matter of minutes.

Looking for a Reliable Undercounter Ice Machine for Your Business?

Manitowoc undercounter ice makers are convenient, safe, and easily serviced. Under our ice machine subscription program, we guarantee performance with routine maintenance and cleaning. If there is ever an issue with your machine, we provide Manitowoc ice machine repair at no additional cost.

If you need help finding the right sized ice maker to fit your business needs, our team of helpful Ice Machine Experts is here to help. They have experience choosing the best bar ice makers or restaurant ice machines.

For more information about Manitowoc ice machines, see our comprehensive Manitowoc Commercial Ice Machine Guide!

Our team is available to help you get started today!