Ice Maker Machines for the Transportation Industry

Employees in the transportation face long times on the road or hours physically hauling cargo back and forth between shelves and trucks. These employees need to stay cool and refreshed throughout the day to stay productive. A commercial ice maker machine is the most cost-effective way to provide ice to your workforce. If you’re looking for an ice making machine for your transportation business, our helpful guide can walk you through the process!

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Choosing the Right Ice Maker Machines for Transportation Facilities

  • Modular Ice Machines

    Modular Ice Machines

    Modular ice machines have one job, and that's to produce ice. They do not come with storage attached, so you'll have to purchase a bin or dispenser to use these models. These machines are the most popular because they allow flexibility. Growing businesses can replace either the machine or bin to increase their overall ice supply to meet their needs. These machines come in a range of sizes from 500 – 1900 lbs of ice a day.

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  • Stackable Ice Machines

    Stackable Ice Machines

    Stackable ice machines are modular units that you can install on top of one another. Stack two or three machines onto a bin to double or triple your overall ice supply. These are great options for growing businesses that need additional ice but don't have enough space for another ice machine. There are stackable ice machines that produce 500 – 1800 lbs of a day (per unit).

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  • Countertop Dispenser

    Countertop Ice Machines

    Countertop ice machines are great for waiting rooms or break rooms inside your transportation facility. They are self-serve, so employees and guests can grab ice whenever they need. These machines drop ice directly into drinkware, which is more hygienic than using an ice bin where multiple people have to scoop out ice by hand. Countertop ice machines are also a good choice for areas with limited walking space, but plenty of countertop space.

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  • Undercounter Ice Machines

    Ice Dispensers

    Commercial ice dispensers can be a great addition to your transportation facility. Many dispensers allow you to install a modular ice machine that best suits your daily ice needs. Other ice dispensers are self-contained, with ice storage built-in. Self-contained ice dispensers do not require additional storage. They are all-in-one units that have everything you need to produce ice for your employees and guests.

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What is the Best Type of Ice for My Facility?

Ice comes in different shapes and sizes to meet specific needs. Transportation facilities need a solid, slow-melting cube for employees working long hours or traveling great distances. Here are some of the best types of ice cubes:

Commercial Ice Making Machines for Transportation Sector

What Type of Condenser Do I Need?

Your ice maker machine's condenser is responsible for cooling refrigerant that your ice maker machine uses to create a batch of ice. There are three types of systems an ice machine uses.

Air Cooled Ice Machines

Air cooled ice machines are simple in design and cost-effective. They use a fan to blow air towards the condenser to help cool and force heat out of the ice machine. Air cooled ice machines need plenty of ventilation to move hot air away from the unit.

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What Are the Installation Requirements for an Ice Making Machine?

Ice Making Machines for Airports

We’ve serviced over 10,000 ice machines across the country. No matter the challenge, we know exactly how to keep your hotel ice machine running smoothly. Our pre-installation checklist shows you what you need to provide to install an ice machine in your transportation facility. If you have a challenging environment, give us a call and we'll help you find a solution.

Pre-Installation Checklist

Cleaning and Sanitizing Ice Machines for the Transportation Industry

Keeping your ice machine clean is vital if you want to provide a safe ice supply to your employees. Also, a dirty ice machine is far less efficient than a clean one. Mold and slime can also lead to a health violation.

  • Ice machines for sport stadiums

    Professional Cleaning

    A professional cleaning will rid the inside of your machine from dirt and other contaminants. Manufacturers suggest 2 professional cleanings every year. Dusty shipping and freight transportation facilities may require more than two. 

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  • Restaurant ice machine cleaning

    Mold and Slime

    Mold and Slime tend to grow in dark, damp areas. An ice machine provides an adequate area from these growths. While not dangerous, they can lead to damaging health inspections.

    How to Clean Your Ice Machine of Slime and Mold

  • How To Clean A Restaurant Ice Maker Machine

    Ice Bin Cleaning

    Your ice bin is where you store ice, so you want to make sure it's free of mold, slime, or pathogens that can make employees sick. Light weekly cleaning from your staff is the best way to limit contamination.

    Simple Steps for Cleaning Your Commercial Ice Bin

Our All-Inclusive Ice Maker Machine Subscriptions are Perfect for the Transportation Industry

Our commercial ice equipment program is the perfect ice solution for the transportation industry. We include maintenance, cleaning, and repairs into one low monthly payment. If there is ever an issue with your ice maker machine, we maintain 24-hour ice machine service line. When your ice machine is due for maintenance or cleaning, we'll call you when it's due for its next service. We'll even supply your backup ice if your machine is down for repairs.

Let our Ice Machine Experts find the right ice making machine for your facility. Easy Ice serves many businesses within the transportation industry. Give us a call!

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