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Clean Your Restaurant or Shut It Down!

How many times have you heard me say “clean this restaurant up” on Restaurant:Impossible? I’ve said words like this so many times, I’ve lost count. I have zero tolerance for a dirty restaurant! It doesn’t cost much to keep a restaurant clean, yet I’ve heard every excuse in the book around why someone’s eatery is […]

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5 Foundations of Food Safety

As I travel around the industry – I’m keenly aware of the food safety image that my clients and other operators project. It’s this simple – if you’ve got a hand washing sink right behind you on a prep line that customers can see – USE IT! Frequently! September is National Food Safety Month. At ServSafe […]

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Breaking Ice Needs Down for Restaurants and Bars One Drink at a Time

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked by companies looking to subscribe to our ice machine program is “how much ice do I really need” for my restaurant or bar? And that’s a great question! There are many variables to consider to best factor your restaurant or bar’s ice needs. How large is your […]

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Dogs in Restaurants Fetch Profits

Americans will spend an estimated $58B on their pets in 2014 and restaurants are realizing the buying power of dog owners.  Like their furry friends, dog owners tend to be loyal and if a restaurant accommodates their desire to dine with Fido, they’ll keep coming back. Hotels embraced this trend years ago and began capturing […]

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Efficiency: Key to Restaurant (and Life) Success

How do I achieve success and how do I measure success?  I’m asked these questions often because of what you see me do on my Food Network shows.  On Restaurant: Impossible, in short order, I have to size up a restaurant and determine what’s holding them back from success and the steps they need to […]

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Own An Ice Machine

Smart restaurateurs and business owners spend money on things (and equipment) that generate a return, not on ice machines! Sure, you and your customers need a reliable supply of ice, but owning the ice maker is not a good use of your capital. Top Ten reasons Not to Own a Commercial Ice Machine: 1)  Purchase […]

Chef Robert Irvine: Restaurant Ops, Charities & Ice Machines

Chef Robert Irvine has made saving struggling restaurants his mission.  His no-nonsense approach to restaurant operations and management is giving restaurateurs the knowledge they need to succeed. Marketing Iceologist, Heidi, caught up with Chef Robert Irvine as he was wrapping up a day of taping his hit show, Restaurant:Impossible.  Chef Robert gives us restaurant operations […]