Food/Ice Safety

Food handling and safety are imperative to any foodservice organization. Learn best practices and tips to help you ace your next health inspection.

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Chipotle’s Food Safety Crisis: 5 Lessons for Restaurants

When customers leave your restaurant, you want them talking about your amazing food and service… not driving the porcelain bus! Chipotle knows about this far too well. Mild to violent gastrointestinal distress from E Coli, Salmonella or norovirus leaves more than a bad taste in your customers’ mouths. Foodborne illness is Not a recipe for […]

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Simple Steps For Cleaning Your Ice Bin

  Ice is considered food by the FDA and must be as sanitary as anything else you serve at your restaurant to avoid food-borne illness. Keeping your ice storage bin clean and spotless is one of the factors that keeps ice safe. Ice bin cleaning is the simplest task for laymen (non ice machine professionals) […]

5 Disgusting Food Safety Fails!

We love September at Easy Ice! Not because the leaves are changing or the kids have returned to school, but because September is National Food Safety Month. If you’re in the foodservice business, food safety needs to be a top priority. If you allow your food safety focus to drift, your guests can end up […]

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4 Ice Safety Steps for Restaurants, Bars and Hotels

During my career as a Health Inspector, one question often asked by the public is “How safe is the ice in food and drinks served in restaurants?”. There is no easy Yes or No answer without having to explain how ice can be contaminated and in what conditions that ice can cause illness. In general, […]

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10 Tips to Get a Pass from the Health Inspector

Food safety compliance inspections of food premises are carried out by Health Inspectors to reduce the possibility of foodborne illness outbreaks, to educate food services staff about safe food handling practices and basic sanitation requirements, and to enforce food safety regulations. The frequency of inspection is determined based on a risk-based criteria assessment and most […]

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The Real Scoop About Ice Scoops

How does ice become unsanitary? It’s often human error stemming from improperly using ice scoops or placing foreign objects in the ice bin. Of course, if you’re not following sanitation guidelines for your commercial ice machine, contaminants can accumulate in the actual machine. But the main culprit usually lies in the ice bin and the […]

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Food Safety Tips: 5 Things To Watch Out For When Dining Out

Food safety is an important topic to Team Easy Ice. And it should be important to you too — especially when you dine out and have less control. Food safety includes ice safety. Unsanitary conditions, mishandling of ice or a dirty ice machine can cause food borne illness, just like…well…food! To emphasize the importance of […]

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Avoid Common Health Inspection Violations at your Restaurant

The Iceologist is proud to welcome a new guest blogger to our team, Scott Pozna, Registered Sanitarian and Environmental Health Specialist or Lorain County, OH.  Scott has been a Registered Sanitarian (Health Inspector) for 20 years and we’re thrilled he’s sharing his knowledge with our customers and readers.   By following Scott’s simple advice, your […]

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Clean Your Restaurant or Shut It Down!

How many times have you heard me say “clean this restaurant up” on Restaurant:Impossible? I’ve said words like this so many times, I’ve lost count. I have zero tolerance for a dirty restaurant! It doesn’t cost much to keep a restaurant clean, yet I’ve heard every excuse in the book around why someone’s eatery is […]

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Food Allergies: Must-Knows for Health and Profits

Approximately 12 million people in the U.S. have food allergies — that’s more than 1 in 25 of us! 8% of kids have food allergies, some of which they will outgrow. But adult onset of food allergies is becoming more common. When a family member has a food allergy, whether mild or severe, dining at […]