Robert Irvine Holiday Cocktail Recipe: Crown Royal Pomegranate Slush

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recipes

I’m frequently asked about my favorite holiday food and cocktail recipes.  Today I want to tell you about a cocktail that I like for the holidays because of it’s Christmasy colors: Crown Royal Pomegranate Slush.  It’s hard to host a holiday gathering without a fun signature cocktail and your guests will love this one.  Variations on hot toddies and warm … Read More

Crab and Shrimp Cocktail with Mango Chili Puree

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recipes

This crab and shrimp cocktail is a popular dish we serve at my restaurant Robert Irvine’s nosh.  There’s something decedent about shellfish.  The flavors are rich, yet delicate, but this recipe is low fat.   You’ve heard me tell restaurant owners on my show, Restaurant:Impossible, that shrimp doesn’t come seasoned.  For this recipe, I like using Old Bay and lemon … Read More

Robert Irvine: Avocado Ice, BBQ-Glazed Salmon and Black Bean Compote Recipe

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recipes

Nothing says summer like BBQ and ice, right?  Chef Robert shares another Easy Ice -inspired recipe that will put a smile on your guests’ faces.  Tangy, slightly spicy, bbq sauce adds pizazz to grilled salmon.  And the avocado ice on top cools it down. Make this recipe your own by adding more or less spicy heat to suit your palate. BBQ … Read More

Emily Ellyn: Thyme is on Our Side Jell-O Ice Cubes

Reading Time: 1 minute Recipes

Summer Thyme Partying Like It’s…1959!   Retro Rad Chef Emily Ellyn reminds you that an Easy Ice Subscription is a smart way to ensure the success of your restaurant.  Here she creates retro magic with her Thyme Is On Our Side Jell-O Cubes.  These icy treats will add a cool kick to any cocktail. Thyme is on Our Side Jell-O … Read More

Grilled Watermelon Basil Mint Smoothie

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We’re getting into the warm months and a smoothie is a great way to cool down.  You can really get creative with smoothies using fruit, herbs, juices or alcohol.  And don’t forget the ice! If you have an original or favorite smoothie recipe, please share in the comment section below. I developed this smoothie recipe for my restaurant, Robert Irvine’s … Read More