Subscription Model is a Hot Trend for Businesses!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Easy Ice Program

Once upon a time, the word subscription was only associated with newspapers and magazines. Then record labels and book publishers got into the action with monthly subscription packages for new releases. Websites have been taking advantage of subscription based content and services for years.  So have entertainment organizations, like subscriptions to an opera company or Broadway series.  Cable and cell ... Read More

Will Easy Ice Put an Ice Machine Outside?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Easy Ice Program, Learn About Ice Machines

Putting a commercial ice machine outside is a bit of a problem.  What’s the old adage…”never say never?”  Sticking by that, we’ll say we rarely put an ice machine outside for two reasons: The area is not a controlled environment. The area is not secure. As noted in numerous FAQs, ice machines need a cooler, low-humidity environment in order for ... Read More

Can I Get Your Service if I Have Well Water?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Easy Ice Program

The short answer is “maybe.” The real question is: “What is the condition of the water after it leaves the filtration system?” Here’s a quick guide to understand the types of problems well water and water filtration system cause with ice machines. If we can work with you to solve these, then we’d be delighted to provide you with an Easy Ice ice machine subscription.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Easy Ice Program

We only provide products and services directly related to our ice machine subscription program. To answer specific questions, here is what we don’t do: We do not provide any other type of food service equipment (i.e. no freezers, reach-ins, etc.). We do not provide snow cone machines or frozen margarita machines. We do not provide “ice boxes” for storing bagged ... Read More

Keep Your Ice Bin Full During Special Events with Peak Ice

Reading Time: 2 minutes Easy Ice Program

We Keep Your Ice Bin Full - Even On Your Busiest Days If you need extra ice for a special event, we can keep your ice bin full! Also known as Peak Ice, this additional ice service is not included in subscriptions, however it is available for your convenience at an additional cost.   We want to be the total ... Read More