Ice Machine Sanitizer Prevents Hospital-Acquired Infections

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dirty ice machine internals

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are held to a higher standard when it comes to providing a sanitary ice supply. Patients are more susceptible to infection and require the gold standard when it comes to cleanliness. We break down the best sanitizer for your hospital ice machine and how you can get one through our all-inclusive ice machine subscription.

Most Cost-Effective Ice Machine Program on the East Coast!

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Running a restaurant on the East Coast is different from anywhere else. Restaurants on the East Coast have competition on every corner, right in the heart of one of the most creative food scenes in the world. If you want a head start on the competition, saving money on an ice machine is a great place to start. We give you the specifics of our revolutionary ice machine subscription service for your East Coast business.

Easy Ice Raises $20 Million in Growth Financing

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Easy Ice today announced that they have secured $20 million in financing to support company growth in 2014. The bulk of the funding was provided by Saratoga Investment Corp., an investment firm in NY, while the remaining amount was contributed by private investors.  Saratoga invested a total of $12 million in Easy Ice, citing the company’s momentum, and the growth ... Read More

Why Customers Love our Ice Machine Subscriptions!

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Customers rave about our ice machine subscriptions!  How does Easy Ice meet customer needs?  Meeting our customers’  needs regarding ice machine and ice is our goal. Easy Ice has produced the simplest and most affordable ice machine solution that’s all-inclusive. The most successful business owners invest their capital in assets where they can generate a return. We have yet to meet ... Read More