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Do you realize how much a restaurant ice machine is really costing you? If you do the math, you wouldn’t want to own commercial ice makers ever again! The purchase price is only a small fraction of the total costs of ice machine ownership through its lifetime.

Full-service restaurants owning restaurant ice machines are taking a financial risk. And the last thing a restaurant wants is added risk through unpredictable and costly expenses.

RISKS of ice machine ownership for full-service restaurants:

R = Repairs: always unexpected, always expensive!
I = Inspections: ice machines are a favorite target of health inspectors.
S = Slime in the ice machine: when you miss frequent maintenance and professional cleanings
K = Killing your profits
S = Sending an employee out to buy bagged ice when the ice maker isn’t working.

Bottom line: Ice machine ownership isn’t worth the financial risk!

In an ideal world, your restaurant would have predictable monthly expenditures. Some costs you can’t control (commodities like beef, for example), but if you could control more of your monthly expenses, wouldn’t you?

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That’s why Easy Ice developed a subscription model for commercial ice makers; to help full-service restaurants like yours control costs. Think how much easier your budgeting would be if you had a set price for everything your ice machine needs to perform. That’s what ice machine subscriptions do! For a low fixed monthly fee, Easy Ice will set your restaurant up with a top of the line commercial ice maker or commercial ice and water dispenser and handle all maintenance and repairs for you. No hidden or unexpected costs!

Instead of worrying about what the health inspector finds in your ice machine and shelling out money for repairs, maintenance and water filters year after year, you can have the ease of an ice machine subscription: Fixed monthly price for everything having to do with the ice maker and just one phone call for all your ice machine needs. Simple!

When it comes to commercial ice makers, savvy restaurateurs are increasingly choosing Easy Ice subscriptions over buying used restaurant ice machines or leasing their ice machines.

Why are full-service restaurants subscribing to ice machines from Easy Ice instead of purchasing?

  • Budgeting made easy! Flat, fixed monthly fee covers everything. No hidden costs!
  • Repairs, cleanings, and maintenance are handled for you. The days of searching for a reliable ice machine technician are over!
  • National footprint, ideal for full-service restaurants with multiple locations.
  • Energy-efficient  modular or countertop ice machines conserve water and electricity.
  • No capital or risk!

restaurant ice machineSimply put, the low monthly fee for Easy Ice’s end-to-end ice machine solution is more cost-effective than buying ice makers.

Commercial ice machine subscriptions give full-service restaurant operators exactly what they crave: predictable ice at a predictable price!

With a commercial ice maker subscription, you’ll never stress over your ice machine’s performance! Your restaurant provides the water, electricity, and drainage and Easy Ice takes care of everything else to ensure you always have a steady supply of ice for your guests.

Easy Ice carries ice machine models and ice types for every ice need your full-service restaurant has. Many of our restaurant customers have multiple ice machines, each catering to a different need. Crescent-shaped ice cubes are preferred for soft drinks, water, and shaken cocktails. Big square ice cubes are the preferred choice for full-service restaurants with a robust classic cocktail menu. Do you serve oysters or sushi? You’ll want an ice machine that produces nugget ice for keeping your seafood fresh and safe.

Our goal is to give our customers the simplest solution to their ice needs. Your money, time and effort should be spent growing your restaurant business — not fussing with ice machines! Let Easy Ice take the burden of ice machine ownership off your plate!

Commercial ice machine subscriptions for full-service restaurants include:

  • State of the art commercial ice maker (ice bins and ice dispensers also available)
  • Biannual preventive maintenance and deep-cleaning sanitation of ice machine
  • Repairs (labor and parts)
  • Breakdown Ice
  • 24/7 U.S.-based Customer Support hotline
  • Standard ice machine water filter replacements (2 per year)
  • Peace of mind
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Our goal is the same as yours: a dependable, efficient ice machine. Since we own the ice machines, we’re incentivized to keep them running optimally at all times. Our ice machine performance guarantee keeps us working hard to earn your business every day.

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A restaurant ice machine with Easy Ice is the smartest choice for a reliable, economical and hassle-free ice supply.


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As the Co-Founder and COO of Easy Ice, John Mahlmeister has been working in the commercial ice machine industry since 2009. Co-headquartered in Phoenix, AZ and Marquette, MI, Easy Ice is the only national provider of full-service ice machine subscriptions in the industry. Since Easy Ice was founded, the number of ice machines under its management has grown to over 30,000 units across 47 states, with no signs of slowing down.

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