An Easy Ice subscription is the perfect alternative to buying an ice machine in Durham.

Congratulations on being a part of the vibrant “Bull City”! Durham is a special place in the South, and your business is one reason why, a piece of the diversity and personality that locals embrace so well. Show your city how much you appreciate it with first-class customer service. You can start with clean ice in every drink you offer to customers, whether they’re Duke University students, college basketball fans, history buff tourists, or your friends.

If you’re looking for the ultimate, all-inclusive ice machine rental in Durham, you’ve found it.

For a surprisingly low monthly payment, an Easy Ice subscription gives you access to these features:

That’s the best value on a commercial ice machine you’ll find in North Carolina.

Get a five-star commercial ice machine for your business without forking over thousands of dollars upfront. With Easy Ice, you can.

Buying and owning a commercial ice machine is expensive and stressful. After you pay the hefty retail price for a new ice maker, you’ll be responsible for scheduling regular maintenance appointments and for service and repair bills. Ice machines have a reputation for breaking down; it happens even to the most well-maintained, leading brand of commercial ice maker. When it happens to you, you’ll be stuck buying bags of ice from a local store while your ice machine gets fixed. And when your ice machine finally dies or if you find yourself needing a greater amount of ice per day to keep up with your growing business? You’ll have to shell out thousands of dollars all over again for a new ice maker.

An Easy Ice subscription eliminates all of that stress, effort, and spending. We give you the opportunity to rent a Hoshizaki or Manitowoc ice machine for a reasonable monthly rate, no big deposit required. Your subscription covers the costs of biannual preventive maintenance, all repairs, and backup ice. You won’t have to budget for those bills. You’ll have peace of mind about the cleanliness and long-term performance of your ice maker, thanks to our expert ice machine technicians. We provide the best ice machine maintenance in Durham. If and when your ice maker dies, it won’t cost you more than a new set-up fee to get the replacement you need. You can also upgrade your ice maker whenever you want and only pay the new monthly rate.

When you compare renting an ice machine from Easy Ice with buying one, there’s just no contest. An Easy Ice subscription is the smart business owner’s choice for ice machine rental in Durham.

Easy Ice supplies commercial ice machines to North Carolina businesses big and small. Our subscription is available in Durham, Raleigh, Cary, Sanford, High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Asheboro. If you’re ready to sign up and see for yourself how much better Easy Ice is than ice machine ownership, contact us today!