Considering ice machine rental in Bayonne? Our ice equipment subscription is your best option!

Doing business in Bayonne gives you the chance to impress a diverse group of residents and visitors. Be prepared for your customers, whether they’re departing on a cruise from the Cape Liberty Port, returning from a day of fishing in Richard A. Rutkowski Park, or stopping for a break after biking across the Bayonne Bridge. Make sure you have all the clean ice they want in their beverages, with a high-performing ice machine from Easy Ice.

Icesurance, long-time commercial ice machine provider based in Mamaroneck, NY, has joined the Easy Ice team to bring business owners in your area the nation’s only ice equipment subscription. Ice machine rental in Bayonne has never been this good before!

An Easy Ice subscription includes all of these features for an affordable monthly payment:

That’s the most value you’ll get for your money in the commercial ice machine market.

We maintain the quality and consistency of your ice supply, so you can focus on more important things.

Buying and owning a commercial ice maker is expensive! New ice equipment from popular brands sells for at least a few thousand dollars, and the spending won’t end there. Ice machines need ongoing professional care, and even with the best maintenance, they will eventually break down or need a part replaced due to age. Ice machine repairs are expensive; the major ones can cost just as much as the machine itself. It’s too easy to ignore ice machine maintenance until you’ve got dirty ice or a broken ice maker on your hands. Unfortunately, finding a service company who knows how to properly clean, inspect, and fix commercial ice makers can be tougher than you imagine.

We kept all of this in mind when we designed our subscription. It’s not just another ice machine rental option. An Easy Ice subscription is an all-inclusive solution that pairs industry-leading ice equipment with maintenance, repairs, and backup ice for one monthly payment.

We save you the trouble of having to find a reliable ice machine service company, keep track of your ice machine’s maintenance, and pay for repairs out of pocket. We guarantee two preventive maintenance/deep cleaning visits a year at no extra cost, which is what ice machine manufacturers recommend. We cover all repairs, no matter how significant or expensive. If the ice machine ever stops working due to mechanical failure, we provide your business with backup ice until we fix the problem.

You’ll never have to worry about how clean and safe your ice is. You won’t have to deal with frequent breakdowns that leave you without ice or force you to pay for bagged ice. You don’t even have to keep track of your ice machine’s maintenance schedule! With an Easy Ice subscription, you can forget about your ice supply altogether and focus on your business instead.

We Also Offer….

If you’re sure you want to buy an ice machine in Bayonne instead of renting, we’re still your go-to shop. We sell the same industry-leading brands of commercial ice equipment that we feature in our subscription. It doesn’t matter what type of ice you want or how much ice you need per day. We’ve got the perfect ice machine for you. Call us when you’re ready to make your purchase!

Already own a commercial ice maker? No problem. We can still provide you with the best ice machine maintenance in Bayonne. Our highly trained technicians will treat your ice machine the same way they do our subscription ice equipment, cleaning and inspecting it to the highest industry standard. If you’ve got a broken or under-performing ice machine on your hands, we can help you out there too. We’re the experts of ice machine repair in Bayonne. Call us to set up an appointment.

We’re proud to work with business owners who depend on ice for their success throughout the New York City metropolitan area and northern New Jersey. We offer our one-of-kind ice machine subscription in Bayonne, Jersey City, Elizabeth, Hoboken, East Rutherford, Secaucus, and beyond. If you’re looking for a better alternative to ice machine ownership and ice machine rental in Bayonne, contact us today!