The Best Commercial Ice Maker in Dallas

The Best Commercial Ice Maker in Dallas
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The Best Commercial Ice Maker in Dallas
The Best Commercial Ice Maker in Dallas
Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
All-inclusive and affordable! Commercial ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice are the preferred choice for Dallas businesses that depend on a reliable supply of ice.

Savvy business owners spend capital on equipment and activities that generate revenue and a commercial ice maker in Dallas doesn’t fit that description! The purchase price of buying a commercial ice maker is just the beginning of the total cost of ownership. Maintenance, water filters and repairs are unpredictable expenses you’ll be responsible for as long as you own the ice machine. Did you know the average cost for an ice machine repair is $400?

Easy Ice has developed a revolutionary program for businesses that need ice without the hassles and costs of ice machine ownership: the ice machine subscription. Our commercial ice machine subscriptions are all-inclusive and affordable. Never pay an ice machine repair bill again!

Our low fixed monthly cost for a commercial ice maker in Dallas means easy budgeting. We guarantee the performance of our ice machines and there are no hidden fees!

Guests don’t come to your business for ice, but they certainly expect it. A well-performing and well-maintained ice machine is crucial for any Dallas business. Imagine the profits lost to a restaurant, convenience store or hotel if the ice machines aren’t working.

Our all-inclusive commercial ice maker offering is a simpler and more affordable solution than buying or leasing a commercial ice machine.

What’s included in an ice machine subscription from Easy Ice?

  • Top of the line commercial ice maker*
  • Preventive Maintenance (2x per year)
  • Repairs (labor and parts included)
  • Breakdown Ice
  • Biannual deep cleaning of the ice machine
  • 2 Standard water filter replacements each year

*Ice bins and ice dispensers available for small add-on cost

Easy Ice customers are thrilled with our subscription for a commercial ice maker in Dallas because they never have to worry about an ill-performing or broken ice machine again. We make our customers’ lives easier by pre-scheduling preventive maintenance appointments and cleanings. And if the ice maker is broken and we can’t repair it quickly, we provide our customers with Breakdown Ice until the ice maker is up and running again. Simple!

Celebrity chefs like Iron Chef Morimoto and Mario Batali use Easy Ice subscriptions instead of buying. Customers like our celebrity chefs say they’ll never own an ice machine again… Why would you?

Restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, health clubs, corporate facilities, hospitals, churches, schools and golf courses in the Dallas area have chosen Easy Ice as their ice machine solution. So do contractors, nursing homes, freight companies and manufacturers. Any company in any industry that needs ice can afford a commercial ice machine subscription!

We have service nationally and throughout the Dallas region including Carrollton, Fort Worth, Richardson, Grand Prairie, Mesquite, Garland, Plano and Arlington.

Save yourself money, time and hassles by subscribing to a commercial ice machine instead of owning!

Don't watch your profits melt over ice machine maintenance and repairs! Call today to start your low-cost and hassle-free commercial ice machine subscription!

Learn Why Ice Machine Subscriptions are the Smartest Decision