Our all-inclusive subscription is a better alternative to both ice machine ownership and ice machine rental in Goose Creek.

After a day of fishing in Lake Marion, playing at Crowfield Golf Club, or connecting with friends and family at the Community Center, your customers show up wanting to relax and be well taken care of. You can’t please them without plenty of ice in their drinks. That’s why you need a quality ice machine you can count on. We’ve got the perfect solution.

Hutto Refrigeration of Charleston has teamed up with Easy Ice to transform ice machine rental in Goose Creek. We offer the only all-inclusive ice machine subscription in America.

We’ll give you everything on this list for one monthly payment:

You won’t find a better deal on commercial ice equipment in South Carolina.

An Easy Ice subscription is more affordable and convenient than ice machine ownership. We designed it that way on purpose, for the benefit of business owners like you.

Are you prepared to spend thousands of dollars on commercial ice equipment? Any good ice machine will come with that kind of price tag, and after you buy it, you’ll have to budget for the maintenance and repairs all ice makers eventually need. Manufacturers strongly recommend their ice makers be cleaned and checked out at least every 6 months, and ice equipment working in certain environments needs more frequent maintenance than that. Maintenance appointments typically cost a couple hundred dollars, and if you own your ice machine for a decade or more, that’ll add up! The bigger budgetary concern is ice machine repair. Even the most well-maintained ice makers will need a part replaced one day, due to age and use, and you could pay several hundred or over $1000 for the repair. Skipping ice maker maintenance to save money in the short-term will backfire eventually, leading to more repairs, dirty ice, and a shorter lifespan for the equipment.

All of the above makes renting an ice machine a wiser choice than purchasing. There are several ice machine rental options in Goose Creek but only one all-inclusive subscription. Unlike traditional rental and lease solutions, an Easy Ice subscription provides more than just the equipment you need. We also include two preventive maintenance visits a year, per manufacturer recommendation, and all repairs at no extra cost. If the ice machine ever breaks down, we’ll make sure you have the backup ice you need while waiting for us to fix the issue. You won’t have to spend money or time taking care of the ice maker or dealing with ice machine problems. Our technicians perform maintenance the right way every time, ensuring your ice supply is clean and reducing the likelihood of ice machine malfunction. When the ice machine does need fixed, you won’t have to worry about the cost the way you would if you owned the unit.

If you’ve decided to buy an ice machine in Goose Creek and feel confident about that decision, we can still meet your needs. We sell the same, top-rated ice equipment featured in our subscription. It doesn’t matter if you know exactly which make and model you want or need help picking the right ice machine. Our local sales team is ready to help you out. Call us to get the conversation started!

Do you already own a commercial ice maker and need a trustworthy service company to look after it? You found us. We deliver the highest quality ice machine maintenance in Goose Creek to both ice machine owners and our subscription customers. Our technicians will perform every deep cleaning and inspection of your ice maker to the industry gold standard. They’re the most experienced and well-trained ice machine experts in the field. Whether you need routine maintenance or ice machine repair in Goose Creek, your equipment will be in the best hands with us.

We’re excited to bring the nation’s only all-inclusive commercial ice maker subscription to the Charleston metro area. We work with business owners in Goose Creek, Hanahan, North Charleston, Ladson, Summerville, Downtown Charleston, and beyond. If you’re ready to get started with our smart ice solution, contact us today!