Our all-inclusive subscription is a better alternative to traditional ice machine rental in Ladson!

Show your customers the Southern hospitality they expect to find in Ladson with a five-star experience from beginning to end. It’s easy to do when you nail all the basics: friendly staff, a charming atmosphere, and ice in their drinks. You know you need an ice machine—that’s why you’re here—and now, you can get one without the stress and expense business owners put up with for decades.

Hutto Refrigeration, a long-time Charleston business, has joined Easy Ice to bring the only all-inclusive ice machine subscription to Ladson and surrounding communities. Ice machine rental in Ladson has never been this good before.

For an affordable monthly payment, we’ll give you:

You won’t find a better deal on a commercial ice maker anywhere in South Carolina.

Save money, time, and stress with our all-inclusive ice machine subscription.

A new commercial ice machine is one of the most expensive items you could buy for your business—and also one of the most inconvenient. You’ll need at least a few thousand dollars to make the purchase, maybe more, and you’ll have to budget for maintenance every year for as long as you use the ice maker. Routine maintenance appointments usually cost a couple hundred dollars, and repairs can cost as much as $2000. Commercial ice equipment manufacturers strongly recommend their machines be professionally cleaned and inspected at least every six months, and if you don’t keep up with that maintenance, you’ll eventually end up with dirty ice, mechanical problems, and unexpected breakdowns. Even the most well-maintained ice maker eventually runs into trouble, due to age and use. If your ice machine quits working or starts producing dirty, cloudy ice, you’ll have to spend more money on bagged ice while waiting for the machine to be serviced. And all of this ice machine upkeep and the inevitable problems take your time and focus away from more important aspects of your business. You can’t even put a price on those things.

An Easy Ice subscription is a new and better version of ice machine rental in Ladson. It’s an all-inclusive option that covers both the equipment you need and its professional care. We guarantee two deep cleanings a year, per manufacturer recommendation, and those cleaning appointments include a new water filter and comprehensive inspection of the ice maker. All repairs and back up ice are also totally covered under your monthly subscription rate. That’s right—you’ll never have to pay for repairs out of pocket, no matter how major! If the ice machine ever breaks down, we’ll provide backup ice while you wait for us to fix the issue. To top it all off, our customer service team is available 7 days a week to take your calls. We know how important ice is to your business, so we’ll never leave you struggling over it for long. All of that for one, affordably monthly payment. Ice machine ownership and traditional rental options just can’t compete.

Determined to buy an ice machine in Ladson? No problem. We sell the same consumer-favorite brands of commercial ice equipment that we feature in our subscription. No matter how much ice you need per day or which ice type you’re looking for, we’ve got the perfect ice machine for you. Our local sales team is ready to help you make your purchase. Call us whenever you’re ready!

If you own a commercial ice maker that needs servicing, we can help you out there too. We proudly offer the highest quality ice machine maintenance in Ladson, both to our subscription customers and ice machine owners. Our technicians are the most experienced and most well-trained in the area, and they’ll take care of your ice machine properly at every appointment. If your commercial ice maker isn’t producing enough ice or recently stopped working altogether, don’t wait any longer to get the problem solved! We handle ice machine repair in Ladson just as expertly as maintenance. Schedule a service with us ASAP.

We’re excited to bring the nation’s only all-inclusive ice machine subscription to the Charleston metro area. We work with businesses in Ladson, North Charleston, Hanahan, Goose Creek, Summerville, James Island, and beyond. If you’re ready to get your next ice machine the easy way, contact us today!