Cornelius Ice Dispensers for Every Business

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Cornelius ED-300 ice and water dispenser Easy Ice

Countertop water and ice dispensers provide ideal access to ice for most any breakroom, waiting area, or other self-service station. The Cornelius Company has been a trusted brand in the beverage dispenser industry for more than 80 years. Although Cornelius drink dispensers are used for everything from frozen slushies to hot coffee, their water and ice machines stand out for their quality and usefulness to nearly any type of business.

The Ice Machine Experts of Easy Ice have vetted several Cornelius countertop ice and water dispensers and found them a good match for use with Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice makers. The Cornelius dispensers are available in our lease program. With one call to our 24/7 expert customer service line, our team will work to help you find the best ice machine and dispenser combination for the size and demand of your location.

Cornelius Ice Dispensers are Reliable and Durable

At Easy Ice, we test and verify ice machine manufacturers and all models of commercial ice equipment to ensure we believe it will meet our customers’ needs. We want you to have the best ice machine in terms of reliability and serviceability. We also want to make certain the product meets your ice and drink requirements as well as the environmental conditions of your chosen space – whether that is a waiting room, nurse’s station, restaurant, or a busy gym, etc. 

Commercial Ice Machine Leasing Revolutionized

See how you can lease a Cornelius ice dispenser for one low monthly rate!

The Ice Machine Experts have determined that, with proper field modifications, the Cornelius ice and water dispensers are dependable due to their ability to consistently dispense water and both cubed ice and chewable nugget ice.

At Easy Ice, we think the Cornelius drink dispenser is an excellent choice for self-service drink stations. Major leaders in the beverage industry like Coca-Cola and Pepsi agree. They often choose Cornelius drink dispensers for their fountain beverages.

Is an ice and water dispenser right for your business?

Ice clumping and ice deterioration are a problem in ice dispensers. Cubelet/nugget ice can prove challenging for consistent ice dispensing, but Cornelius successfully combatted this issue for many years. The Easy Ice-approved Cornelius dispenser models ED-200 and ED-250 have universal agitators for dispensing cube and soft Cubelet ice. The Cornelius ED-150 and ED-175 use special agitators for proper Cubelet ice dispensing.

Because of our accumulated years of experience, training, and testing, The Ice Machine Experts at Easy Ice have extensive knowledge of Cornelius dispensers and of Cubelet ice. If we seem picky about the ice machines and dispensers we choose to feature in our catalog, it’s because Easy Ice is committed to always providing dependable and reliable machines for our customers.

Cornelius Ice Water and Ice Dispensers are Flexible

The Easy Ice lineup of Cornelius products includes models that dispense 150 to 300 pounds of ice a day. The compact design of a countertop ice maker delivering that amount of ice is an incredible space-saver.

Our approved units range from the Cornelius ED-150 at 22-inches wide to the dual-dispensing ED-300 at 44-inches wide. Whether you’re placing the Cornelius dispenser on an actual breakroom countertop or on a stand in a medical station or busy warehouse, the footprint of these dispensers is not a large one, even with an ice machine mounted on top.

If your business grows along with your consumption of ice, Easy Ice makes it easy to simply switch to a larger unit with our ice machine subscription plans.

All our Cornelius models dispense ice and are a self-service water dispenser. The Cornelius ED-150, ED-200, and ED-250 have a single ice chute that dispenses ice directly into glassware. The added lever for water also reduces accidental ice contamination.

The Cornelius ED-300 countertop features a double ice chute. This water and ice dispenser is unique, because you can choose to add both a chewable ice maker and a cuber ice machine making it capable of dispensing two kinds of ice. Customers and employees can use a lever or button to dispense ice.

You’ll find Easy Ice’s lineup of Cornelius drink dispensers for water and ice an economical and environmentally friendly solution. By cutting down on plastic bottle consumption, you’ll save money and reduce waste.

Are you in the market for a new ice and water dispenser? Check out these shopping tips before buying new ice equipment.

Cornelius Ice Dispensers are Easily Serviced

All the Cornelius ice dispensers in our Easy Ice catalog have stainless steel exteriors and sleek lines, making the dispensers easy to clean.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for many appliances because of its capacity to resist rust and corrosion. However, dirt and grime can still put it at risk for rusting or deteriorating if a commercial ice maker isn’t maintained.

You can take care of the daily cleaning yourself. Water, a little dish disinfectant soap, and a non-abrasive cloth will clean the exterior. A small spritz of window cleaner will make fingerprints disappear. A simple wipe-down will keep the surface gleaming and presentable for your clients.

However, for the interior, you’ll want an ice machine technician to make sure your Cornelius ice dispenser and accompanying ice machine are properly disinfected and sanitized.

With an Easy Ice subscription, you’ll get preventative maintenance including cleaning, sanitizing, and water filter replacements. We also handle all ice maker repairs including parts and labor. And if the ice machine attached to your Cornelius dispenser is down for repairs, Easy Ice guarantees you’ll be kept in ice by supplying you with free Breakdown Ice.

Our ice machine technicians are extensively trained on relevant ice machine brands. Plus, our Ice Machine Experts provide additional resources from their many years of accumulated experience and knowledge.

We Have a Full Lineup of Ice Machines Including Cornelius Ice Dispensers

Whether you have a few employees and are looking to save money on supplying water and ice for the breakroom, or you have a health care facility and want to provide your patients with soft, chewable ice and water, the Easy Ice lineup can serve your needs. Our selection of Cornelius ice dispensers offers affordable, convenient, space-saving countertop designs delivering 150 to 300 pounds of ice per day.

The dedicated and knowledgeable team at Easy Ice will help you figure out the size of machine to suit your needs and environment. Our affordable and simple subscription plans make it easy to have access to the ice you need with no concerns.

You won’t have to worry about the quality of ice delivered from the Cornelius dispensers we carry. From our total care maintenance program to our standard water filtration system, you’ll experience how much Easy Ice cares about the ice and the service you’re getting from your model.

Ditch the expensive water bottles, and sign up to install a Cornelius ice and water countertop dispenser today with our all-inclusive ice machine lease!

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