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Cornelius ED-300 ice and water dispenser Easy Ice

The Cornelius Company has been making quality fountain equipment since the 1930s. Back then, they specialized in beer kegs and draft beer equipment. Nowadays, the company has branched out into Cornelius ice dispensers and machines that accommodate a wide range of commercial ice makers for businesses.

We now offer a full lineup of Cornelius ice dispenser models under our one-of-a-kind ice machine lease program.

Let’s look at some of the ways Cornelius drink dispensers can benefit your business.

Cornelius Ice Dispensers are Reliable and Durable

Whether you work in a busy kitchen or a quiet office, you want your commercial ice equipment to last and stay in peak performance.

Cornelius ice dispensers come with a stainless-steel exterior. Stainless steel is one of the best materials for commercial ice machines because it can take a beating and is easy to clean. As the name suggests, stainless steel resists stains and rust. Dirt and grime are easy to wipe away, making ice machine cleaning a breeze.

The inside of the unit features an ABS thermoformed ice hopper that keeps ice cold and insulates. Ice retains its shape and stays separated, reducing clumping that can clog the ice chute.

Commercial Ice Machine Leasing – Revolutionized!

Our ice machine subscriptions are more than an ice machine lease. We include preventive maintenance, cleaning, and repairs – for a low monthly payment!

We include routine preventive maintenance with our ice machine subscription to ensure your machine is always running according to specifications.

Cornelius Ice Water and Ice Dispensers are Flexible

Models like our Cornelius ED-150 ice and water dispenser come with a water lever to deliver cold water to customers, guests, or employees. This feature is an excellent option for businesses that wish to install a countertop water and ice dispenser to accommodate a range of ice machine sizes.

Speaking of countertop ice makers, the Cornelius ED-series allows users to install a wide range of ice machines to meet their ice needs. If your business grows and requires more ice, you can simply switch to a larger machine to increase your ice production rate.

Cornelius ice machines also come in a range of storage sizes if you want additional storage to go along with a larger, high-volume ice maker. Our Cornelius ED-300 ice and water dispenser is our largest Cornelius model, which can hold up to 251 lbs. of ice at once.

Easily Service Your Ice Dispenser

Serviceability isn’t something most business owners look for in an ice machine when they’re shopping around, but it’s something they appreciate on a repair call.

Cornelius ice dispensers place all their major components behind the unit’s front panel, where ice machine technicians can easily access them.

We know that having quick access to an ice machine’s components speeds up service – and saves money of the technician charges by the hour. If an ice machine breaks down and needs repairs, you’ll want that machine up and running as quickly as possible. A broken ice maker won’t produce ice!

Full Lineup of Cornelius Ice Equipment and More

Whether you need a commercial ice dispenser for your business or a traditional ice machine and bin, Easy Ice has you covered.

Our all-inclusive ice machine subscriptions include equipment from the best ice machine brands in the industry. We have Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, and Cornelius ice machines available for lease.

Our factory-trained technicians perform a minimum of two preventive maintenance and cleaning visits per year. If there is ever an issue with our equipment, we repair it, free of charge. With our 24/7 customer service line, one of our helpful team members is available to help you with any problem that arises.

If you need some help choosing the right machine for your business, our team of Ice Machine Experts is here to help! Our team has experience choosing the best ice machine for any industry.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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