How to Read a Hoshizaki Serial Number and Model Number

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Hoshizaki Serial Number

Reading a Hoshizaki serial number or model number can seem like reading a coded message. In some ways it is. Each number and letter on a Hoshizaki ice machine’s serial or model number informs the user of a number of things, including:

  • Manufacturing Date
  • Enhancements
  • Ice Type
  • Production size
  • Type of Machine
  • Type of Condenser
  • Model Version
  • And more

While the serial and model numbers may differ from brand to brand, much of the information is similar, they’re just presented differently.

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How to Read a Hoshizaki Ice Machine Serial Number Nomenclature

A Hoshizaki serial number gives users and service employees valuable information about when the ice machine was manufactured, and what new enhancements might be in the unit.

You can find a Hoshizaki serial number’s location on the back of the ice machine.

Hoshizaki serial number’s nomenclature consists of a letter, fives digits, followed by a final letter.

Let’s look at some of the information you can learn from a Hoshizaki serial number.

Hoshizaki Serial Number Date: Year Produced

Hoshizaki Serial Number Year

The first letter of a Hoshizaki serial number denotes the year your Hoshizaki ice maker was produced. Each letter denotes the last number of the year. For instance, “C” corresponds to “3”, so the year in the example above would mean the ice machine was manufactured in 2013.

Below is a key to correspond the letter to the year:

  • 1 = A or L
  • 2 = B or M
  • 3 = C or N
  • 4 = D or P
  • 5 = E or Q
  • 6 = F or R
  • 7 = G or S
  • 8 = H or T
  • 9 = J or U
  • 10 = K or V

Auxiliary Number

Hoshizaki Serial Number Year

The Auxiliary number in a Hoshizaki serial number tells you how many significant part changes that machine received in that year. In the example above, the machine received two-part changes.

Continuous Number

Hoshizaki Serial Number Continuous

The continuous number tells you when your specific ice machine model came off the assembly line. That would mean that the particular model in the example above was the 103rd machine to be produced. The next model would have a “0104” in their serial number to let the user know it was the 104th machine produced of that model.

Hoshizaki Serial Number Date: Month

Hoshizaki Serial Number Month

The last letter in a Hoshizaki serial number tells you what month the machine was produced. Each letter corresponds to a month. In the case above, the letter “B” corresponds to the month of February. So, this particular model was manufactured in February of 2013.

Below is a key to correspond the letter to the year:

  • Jan = A
  • Feb = B
  • Mar = C
  • Apr = D
  • May = E
  • Jun = F
  • Jul = G
  • Aug = H
  • Sep = J
  • Oct = K
  • Nov = L
  • Dec = M

How to Read a Hoshizaki Model Number Nomenclature

A Hoshizaki model number is different than a Hoshizaki serial number, in that it gives more consumer-facing information about the ice machine. Understanding the Hoshizaki ice machine model number nomenclature can reveal the type of ice the machine produces, the type of condenser installed in the unit, the series number, and more.

A Hoshizaki model number is listed anywhere you can find the official name of your model (websites, spec sheets, sales flyers, etc.)

Hoshizaki Model Number: Ice Type

Hoshi Serial Number Ice Type

The machine’s type of ice cube is normally one of the first things listed in a Hoshizaki commercial ice maker’s model number. In a Hoshizaki ice machine, the first letter denotes the ice type.

Hoshizaki cubelet ice and spere ice machines have a separate signifier at the end of the model number to signify their ice types.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Production Size

The model number will also let you know your Hoshizaki ice machine’s production size. This is normally signified by a two, three, or four-digit number, signifying the amount of ice a high volume ice machine will produce in 24 hours. In the US, the number is in relation to pounds.

You can find the ice cube production size of a Hoshizaki ice machine after the ice type.

Hoshizaki Model Number: Type of Ice Machine

The type of ice machine will let you know the style of machine you have (generally this is pretty easy to tell by looking at it).

For example, a modular style ice machine just produces ice. A commercial ice dispenser has an ice chute that drops ice directly into drinkware

In Hoshizaki ice machines the letter that denotes the type of machine is listed either after the production size or after the ice type.

Here is a list of the types of ice machines below:

  • M = A modular ice machine does not come with its own storage. You have to provide a bin or dispenser to store the ice.
  • S = A stackable ice machine is a modular ice machine that you can install on top of another stackable ice machine.
  • D = An ice dispenser model. These machines drop ice directly into drinkware
  • L = Low profile machines are shorter than standard ice machines to accommodate low ceilings.
  • S (after the ice type) = this denotes Hoshizaki’s Serenity Series. A remote-style ice machine designed to make little sound.

Hoshizaki Model Number: Type of Condenser

Hoshizaki ice machines come in three types of condensers air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote. The type of condenser lets users know how the machine cools itself down.

Air cooled machines use the surrounding air to cool condenser coils. Water cooled ice machines use water. Remote ice machines place the condenser outside, away from the ice maker machine.

In a Hoshizaki serial number, the type of condenser is shown in the letter following the type of ice machine.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Series

Just like cars, ice machines go through changes and upgrades to stay up-to-date with emerging technology. Hoshizaki ice machines have gone through many changes throughout the year. New models of Hoshizaki ice machines are identified by a letter. The most current model is the J-model. Before that it was the H-model. Every time Hoshizaki releases a new upgrade, they attach a new letter to it (often alphabetically).

The Hoshizaki serial codes use the last letter after the condenser type to signify how recent the ice machine is. The current Indigo ice machines are designated with a “i” for Indigo. Previous models include the “Q” model.

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