Under What Conditions do I Need an Upgraded Water Filter or Advanced Water Treatment?

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Easy Ice defines an Upgraded Water Filter (UWF) to be a filtration system to solve specific problems affecting the ice machine.  Advanced Water Treatment (AWT) is a water treatment system that is designed to solve more general water problems dealing with a broad range of issues.

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Less than 2% of our customers require upgraded water filter systems (UWF) over your standard ice machine water filter.  There are four primary reasons for installing a UWF:

  1. Well Water
  2. Extremely high mineral content
  3. Facilities and water systems with very old pipes (i.e. NYC)
  4. High yeast or mold environment

Most of these situations are identifiable in advance:

  1. If your water is supplied from a well, you have likely already installed some form of AWT.  If not, it is possible to install a UWF that can resolve issues specifically for the ice machine.  In rare situations, an additional stage may be required to offset some of the impact of aggressive AWT systems such as Reverse Osmosis.
  2. Extremely high mineral content will be observable by white, chalky deposits commonly identified as calcium carbonate.  Iron will leave rust spots in unexpected places.  In many cases taste or odor will be affected by high mineral content .
  3. Cities like Manhattan with old buildings with old pipes introduce many suspended particulates in the water such that it challenges even multi-stage filtration systems.

The first three conditions are a result of the incoming water.  Mold issues, however, are more commonly introduced through airborne matter from the environment.  Kitchen activities such as bread baking, or microbrewery activities such as using yeast, etc. facilitate the growth of mold.

We expect the standard filtration system to enable the ice machine to function properly for a minimum of 6 months.    If it does not, then an UWF or AWT will be required.  9 out of 10 times, we are able to identify the need for an AWT or UWF in advance of the installation – mostly because the owner should already know if they have one of the 4 conditions noted above.

If we were unable to identify the need ahead of time, we will inform you about the need for an UWF or AWT system as soon as we diagnose the issue.

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