Easy Ice Subscription Customer Responsibilities

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Easy Ice Customer Responsibilities in Ice Machine Subscriptions

Although our subscriptions are designed to eliminate the hassle of owning an ice machine, we still have Easy Ice customer responsibilities. Our team of experts can guarantee that the ice machine is installed properly and gets the routine preventive maintenance it needs to operate, but it’s up to the user to keep their environment ice maker-friendly.

Most of the responsibilities surrounding our ice equipment is common sense. Don’t bang the unit up or try and repair it yourself, but other responsibilities aren’t as obvious. Maintaining a proper environment for the ice machine requires keeping optimal temperatures consistent.

We have a few pages dedicated to identifying your role in our subscriptions, which include:

    Following our Easy Ice customer responsibilities helps you keep your ice machine in the best possible shape. Ignoring proper care until the unit breaks will not only potentially leave you without ice, but also incur Additional Charges.

    Ideally, we hope you understand the value and investment we make to ensure you have an ice machine that provides you with a reliable supply of ice year-after-year. We look forward to providing you with excellent service.

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