Why Is My Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping?

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Beeping Ice Machine

The first thing you should do if your Easy Ice Hoshizaki ice maker or your Hoshizaki countertop ice maker is beeping? Count the number of beeps between the 3-second pauses.

For Hoshizaki ice machines, beeping is how the unit communicates an issue it’s facing, and some of these issues require immediate attention from an expert to prevent further damage to the ice maker. Other issues are less urgent and may be resolved with a simple ice maker reset.

Beeps typically come in patterns, three seconds apart. The number of beeps are what indicate different types of issues.

Hoshizaki KM-series ice maker beep patterns are designed to alert the operator about seven different conditions that can signal improper operating environments—with one, two, or three-beep patterns being the most common.

3 ice cubes

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After sounding the beep pattern, the ice machine will either shut itself down or keep running with limited capability while continuing to sound the chime. In most cases, ice cube production will be reduced until the problem is resolved and the alarm is reset.

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Count the Beeps

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Again, the first thing to do if your Easy Ice Hoshizaki ice machine or Hoshizaki countertop ice maker is beeping is to count the number of beeps between the three-second pauses to find out which of the seven conditions are indicated. More urgent issues will require immediate attention from an expert to prevent damage to the ice maker, while less urgent issues can sometimes be resolved with simple troubleshooting and an ice maker reset.

Please note: If you’re a current Easy Ice subscriber, it is critical that you do NOT reset the alarm without calling an Easy Ice representative first.

Keep reading to learn what the different types of Hoshizaki ice maker beep codes mean and what might be causing the alarms to go off.

Hoshizaki Ice Maker Beep Codes

1 Beep: High Temperature

If a Hoshizaki ice machine beeps one time every three seconds, the thermistor is reading a high temperature of at least 127 degrees Fahrenheit at the evaporator outlet. There are several reasons this happens, but the primary problem is that the unit is too hot while running.

What’s causing this issue?

The most common reasons a Hoshizaki ice machine’s 1-beep alarm might be going off are:

3 ice cubes

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  • Hot water is entering the unit
  • Water isn’t entering the ice machine at all
  • The hot gas valve is having issues

Almost every time we see a 1-beep alarm in Hoshizaki ice makers, it’s because hot water is entering the unit. Typically, this happens due to hot water migration from other lines or because the water line connected to the ice machine runs past a source of heat, like an oven.

Not sure what’s causing this issue?  Check out our extensive guide to troubleshooting a Hoshizaki 1-beep alarm.

2 Beeps: Long Harvest Cycle

When a Hoshizaki ice machine beeps in patterns of two, it means the unit’s harvest cycle is taking too long. When the ice maker begins a harvest cycle, it automatically sets a timer for 20 minutes. Before that time is up, the thermistor in the ice machine must register 48 degrees Fahrenheit in order for the machine to end the cycle.

If the thermistor fails to register 48 degrees within that time frame and the ice machine is unable to terminate the harvest cycle, the unit will then initiate the freeze cycle—which restarts the ice-making process. If the ice machine is unable to end the harvest cycle two times in a row, it will sound the 2-beep alarm and shut down.

What’s causing this issue?

There are multiple reasons why the harvest cycle might be taking too long, but common reasons we encounter include:

  • Freeze ups
  • Low temperatures
  • Lack of water going to ice machine

These issues are often a result of freezing weather and the various effects it has on an ice maker’s function—from frozen water lines to ambient air temperature preventing the thermistor from reaching 48 degrees. Read more about what causes these issues with our full guide to the Hoshizaki 2-beep alarm.

3 Beeps: Long Freeze Cycle

The 3-beep alarm also warns of two elongated cycles in a row, but in this case, it’s the freeze cycle that’s taking too long. During a freeze cycle, water comes in the water inlet valve, flows over its cold evaporator plates, and freezes—this is how the ice cubes are formed.

During the freeze cycle, the machine’s float switch monitors the water level in its reservoir.  When the water level in the reservoir drops, the float switch signals that it’s time to end the freeze cycle and begin the harvest cycle.

A Hoshizaki ice machine’s freeze cycle has a factory-set defrost backup safety timer, and if the cycle takes longer than this pre-set time, the unit’s control board will force it to begin the harvest cycle. If the freeze cycle takes too long in the next batch of ice, forcing the machine into the harvest cycle for the second time in a row, the machine will sound its 3-beep alarm and shut itself down to prevent damage.

What’s causing this issue?

The 3-beep alarm is a common issue, and it’s difficult to diagnose because a number of different factors—both within the machine and outside of it—can come together to cause an extended freeze cycle. Some of the reasons why freeze cycles could be taking too long include:

  • Mechanical issues like clogged or leaking valves
  • Problems with refrigeration, such as low refrigerant or a hot environment
  • Improper maintenance, including a dirty air filter, dirty condensers, or lack of ventilation

Dealing with the 3-beep alarm? Discover what might be causing it and how to do an alarm reset with our guide to the Hoshizaki 3-beep alarm.

4 Beeps: Shorted Circuit on Mechanical Bin Sensor

The 4-beep alarm only applies to ice machines that have a mechanical bin control installed. Mechanical bin controls work by hanging a small paddle below the ice machine in the bin that the ice is dispensed into. When cubes pile up and reach the paddle, the bin control automatically shuts the ice machine off until more ice is needed.

If the ice machine’s 4-beep alarm goes off, it means that the mechanical bin sensor’s K-4 connector has a short circuit

What’s causing this issue?

A short circuit in the wiring from the mechanical bin control is usually the result of an issue with the resistor wire harness used in installation. In fact, many of the issues a Hoshizaki ice maker may have with its bin control—whether the bin is mechanical or thermostatic—are the result of improper installation.

5 Beeps: Open Circuit on Mechanical Bin Sensor

The 5-beep alarm is the exact opposite of the 4-beep alarm—it means that the mechanical bin control has an open circuit between the K-4 connection on the control board and the bin control mechanism.

What’s causing this issue?

As in the case of a closed circuit, an open circuit can be the result of a bad wire harness. Check the connections in the ice machine and replace the wire harness if necessary.

6 Beeps: Low Voltage

Six beeps from a Hoshizaki ice machine means that the unit is experiencing a low voltage situation. This alarm is one of two possible automatic reset errors. It occurs when voltage drops below 92 volts +/- 5 percent. When this happens, the control board will start the 6-beep alarm and shut the ice machine down.

When correct voltage is restored to the machine, the unit will turn back on and the alarm will stop.

What’s causing this issue?

Low voltage to your ice machine is typically the result of a broader electrical issue. When experiencing low voltage but not a complete loss of power, it’s often the result of a partial outage—or brownout. This usually happens when an area’s power use surges, such as instances of increased use of A/C during the summer in a hot climate, and can cause the voltage from the transformer to fall below the ice machine’s parameters.

7 Beeps: High Voltage

The second of two automatic reset errors, the 7 beeps sound when a Hoshizaki ice machine is faced with a high voltage situation—sounding when voltage exceeds 147 volts +/- 5 percent. Similar to low voltage, this error will automatically shut down the machine and reset it once proper voltage is supplied to the unit.

What’s causing this issue?

This issue is often caused by a “high leg” or “stinger” being supplied to the ice machine and can sometimes be solved by switching the two legs of power in the back.

Hear an Ice Machine Beep Code? Call Us!

There are a wide variety of possible root causes of the conditions above, and your safest bet is always to call an expert with experience in commercial ice machines. Easy Ice subscription customers can call 866-327-9423 seven days a week to get tech support. If our experts can’t help over the phone, we’ll schedule a technician to come out ASAP. That’s just one way that Easy Ice takes the hassle out of equipment ownership with our ice machine subscription program!

Call customer service and provide the beeping pattern information so we can help resolve the issue and arrange for backup ice if needed. Review our Pre-Service Call Checklist ahead of time to ensure we can determine what your unit needs to perform properly.

If you own your ice maker, call the number above to see if we offer ice machine service in your area. If we don’t service your area (yet), you may have to rely on a jack-of-all trades refrigeration or HVAC specialist. Some technicians are knowledgeable about ice makers and some aren’t—we always suggest asking for a technician with experience specific to Hoshizaki ice machines.

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As an Easy Ice Subscription customer, any problems with your Hoshizaki ice machine become our responsibility entirely. We’ll supply a quality ice machine, handle troubleshooting and repair, perform maintenance and deep cleanings, and cover your backup ice if the machine is ever down for repairs.

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