We’re revolutionizing commercial ice machine rental in Summerville with our unique subscription!

Whether your customers just got done with an afternoon of antiquing, enjoying the beauty of Azalea Park, or grocery shopping at the farmers market, be prepared for them with all the clean ice they want! Make sure you have a high-performing ice machine you can count on. We make it easier than ever before to get one without spending a fortune.

Hutto Refrigeration, founded in Charleston, has joined Easy Ice to transform ice machine rental in Summerville. Our all-inclusive ice machine subscription beats all the other options for securing your business’s ice supply.

For one monthly payment, we’ll give you:

That’s the best value you’ll find in the commercial ice machine rental market.

Our ice machine subscription gives business owners their time back—time they can spend on the things that create value in the business.

Owning an ice machine demands more of your time, money, and effort than you want to spend on it. Commercial ice machines and their accessories need professional cleaning every six months at minimum, and some need more frequent maintenance, due to their environment. They’re prone to mechanical trouble, especially if they don’t get the maintenance they need, and eventually, any ice machine will break down or need a part replaced.

When your ice machine quits working properly, you’ll either have to go out and buy bagged ice or face the disappointment of your customers. Do you really want to search for a good ice machine service company in your area, keep track of your ice machine’s maintenance schedule, and take the time to make the appointments? Or deal with buying bagged ice when your ice machine has broken down? You have so many other things to do—for your business and in your personal life.

An Easy Ice subscription is not another traditional ice machine rental in Summerville. It’s a comprehensive solution that includes the maintenance, repairs, and backup ice you’ll need at no extra cost.

Choose the ice machine you want—brand, ice type, and production capacity—for a monthly rate that won’t break the bank. We guarantee professional deep cleaning, filter change, and inspection twice a year, and we take care of all repairs, no matter how major. If the ice machine ever breaks down, we’ll make sure you have backup ice while you wait for us to fix the problem. Ice machine ownership will never be that convenient! And traditional ice machine leases don’t compare either. Only an Easy Ice subscription combines the affordability of leasing ice equipment with the convenience of built-in maintenance and repair.

If you’re sure you want to buy an ice machine in Summerville rather than rent, we can still help. We sell the same leading brands of commercial ice equipment that we feature in our subscription. Whether you’re a seasoned ice machine owner or new to commercial ice makers, our local sales team can help you make the right purchase. Our inventory can accommodate your ice type preference and just about any daily production requirement. Call us when you’re ready to start the buying process!

Already own a commercial ice maker and need a service company you can trust? You found us. We proudly provide the best ice machine maintenance in Summerville to both ice equipment owners and our subscription customers. Hire us to take care of your ice machine, and we’ll treat it like one of our own. Our technicians perform ice machine maintenance and deep cleanings to the industry gold standard every time. If your ice maker is underperforming or out of order, don’t wait another day to get it fixed. We’re available 7 days a week for ice machine repair in Summerville. Make an appointment anytime.

We’re excited to bring our all-inclusive ice machine subscription to the Charleston metro area. We work with businesses in Summerville, North Charleston, Goose Creek, Hanahan, Moncks Corner, West Ashley, and beyond. Ready to get your next ice machine the Easy way? Contact us today!