Commercial ice machines are commonly associated with foodservice.  But companies and organizations across industries require ice machines on site.

Vail School District’s transportation department in Vail, AZ (16 schools, 10,000+ students) made the decision to trust Easy Ice with their ice needs.  It’s hot in Arizona and everyone needs a reliable source of ice!

The Iceologist chats with Deana Haggerty who runs the transportation department for the school district.  Her last comment says it all:  “We’re so happy we chose Easy Ice!”

The Iceologist:  Deana, what’s your role in the school district?

Deana:  I take care of dispatch for our fleet of 216 vehicles.  I’m in charge of fuel and parts — everything having to do with our buses and maintenance vehicles.  We have a mechanic’s shop plus we’re in the middle of constructing a new transportation building.  I’m always busy!

I’ve been with the district for 14 years and I love it.

The Iceolgoist: Why does a school district’s transportation department need ice machines?

Deana:  90% of our fleet has no air conditioning.  And temperatures here can get as high as 110F.  Our guys need ice to take on the road.  For employee appreciation, we give our employees coolers and water bottles to keep them cool.

We had a smaller ice machine before Easy Ice and it would run out by 10 in the morning.  We have 115 employees to keep cool in transportation and the ice machine just couldn’t keep up.  We owned it and it was old.  Parts were getting harder to find and it just wasn’t worth repairing anymore.

The Iceologist:  What was the deciding factor behind choosing Easy Ice?

Deana:  I went online and did a cost comparison and talked to a lot of companies.  Then I heard that another department in the district had an ice machine from Easy Ice and they never had a problem.  That sold me!  And we haven’t have any problems since we got our ice machine from you.

We now have an ice machine that produces 600lbs of ice a day.  We finally have enough ice to get us through the day!

It’s so freakin’ hot here and we needed an ice machine that could keep up.  We’re so happy we chose Easy Ice!