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4 Tips for Employers Before Utilizing Pre-Employment Tests

Pre-employment tests are becoming increasingly popular within big and small businesses’ human resources departments, including within the hospitality industry. Pre-employment tests have been associated with several benefits including improved job performance and decreased employee turnover. A variety of pre-employment tests are being used by employers to narrow down the applicant pool and hiring the best employees. However, […]

Why Should My Hospitality Business Be On Twitter?


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9 Tips for Hiring and Retaining Your Best Employees

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s superman, no…it’s a flying waiter! Sure flying waiters (or drones) are kitschy and eye-catching, but this trend is also in response to difficulties restaurants have in hiring and retaining great employees. Timbre, a Singapore based restaurant with five outlets plans to deploy drones to carry food to tables. TGIF also […]

How to Write an Employee Disciplinary Policy

Laying out an explicit employee disciplinary policy is critical for hotel and restaurant managers. Without a detailed disciplinary policy, employers can find themselves in a lawsuit situation as I pointed out in a previous article titled “Dos and Don’ts of Employee Disciplinary Action” in Restaurant Hospitality magazine. This article breaks down the components of an […]

Easy Steps to Get Your Restaurant Social Media Strategy on Track

DON’T HAVE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA SET UP YET? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! If you think you’re just too busy to put together your social media strategy for your restaurant, bar, food truck, or any other type of establishment in the industry – you’re wrong! Customers want to share their restaurant experiences and engage with […]

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Employment Termination: What’s Legal, What’s Wrongful?

Employment termination is tricky and fraught with potential legal issues. No small business wants the financial expenses, hassles and bad publicity that come from a wrongful employment termination lawsuit. The hospitality industry employs millions of people and has a higher than average turnover rate. Seasonal employment is also common within hotels and foodservice. For these […]

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Clean Your Restaurant or Shut It Down!

How many times have you heard me say “clean this restaurant up” on Restaurant:Impossible? I’ve said words like this so many times, I’ve lost count. I have zero tolerance for a dirty restaurant! It doesn’t cost much to keep a restaurant clean, yet I’ve heard every excuse in the book around why someone’s eatery is […]

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5 Foundations of Food Safety

As I travel around the industry – I’m keenly aware of the food safety image that my clients and other operators project. It’s this simple – if you’ve got a hand washing sink right behind you on a prep line that customers can see – USE IT! Frequently! September is National Food Safety Month. At ServSafe […]

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Foreign Workers, Immigration Status in Hospitality Industry

The immigration raids involving Chipotle for two years beginning 2010 is all too familiar to those in the hospitality business.  As a result of the investigation, Chipotle fired 450 workers in Minnesota after being unable to confirm the validity of their work documents.  Many other hospitality businesses have been the target of immigration-related investigations since […]

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Breaking Ice Needs Down for Restaurants and Bars One Drink at a Time

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked by companies looking to subscribe to our ice machine program is “how much ice do I really need” for my restaurant or bar? And that’s a great question! There are many variables to consider to best factor your restaurant or bar’s ice needs. How large is your […]