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Brussels Sprouts with Roasted Butternut Squash, Bacon and Shallots Recipe

This time of year, I get a lot of requests for recipe ideas. Seems everyone wants to surprise their guests with a new, inventive dish for holiday meals. I love this simple butternut squash and Brussels sprouts side dish. It’s easy to make and full of healthy vegetables. I understand some folks don’t like Brussels […]

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Attitude is Everything for Restaurant Success!

So you think you can run a successful restaurant? But do you have the right attitude to really succeed? I’ve filmed 100+ episodes of Restaurant:Impossible and have seen first hand how the wrong attitude of a restaurant owner can doom a restaurant. Stubbornness (ego), lack of passion and disrespect can tank a restaurant faster than […]

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landmarc: Easy, Breezy Bistro Remains Hot

landmarc, celebrity Chef Marc Murphy’s renowned New York City restaurant, just celebrated their tenth anniversary at the original Tribeca location. With the success and popularity of landmarc’s flagship eatery, the Columbus Circle location opened a few years later. To learn more about landmarc’s ascendency in the competitive NYC market, we reached out to their Wine […]

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4 Qualities Restaurant Owners & Managers Must Have

There are some qualities that restaurant owners and managers must possess to be successful. Not everyone naturally has these qualities, but they can be learned. You’ve seen me tutor restaurant owners on Restaurant:Impossible towards these qualities: leadership, attitude, flexibility and efficiency. I never know what I’m going to encounter when I arrive at a restaurant […]

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Efficiency: Key to Restaurant (and Life) Success

How do I achieve success and how do I measure success?  I’m asked these questions often because of what you see me do on my Food Network shows.  On Restaurant: Impossible, in short order, I have to size up a restaurant and determine what’s holding them back from success and the steps they need to […]

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Robert Irvine Holiday Cocktail Recipe: Crown Royal Pomegranate Slush

I’m frequently asked about my favorite holiday food and cocktail recipes.  Today I want to tell you about a cocktail that I like for the holidays because of it’s Christmasy colors: Crown Royal Pomegranate Slush.  It’s hard to host a holiday gathering without a fun signature cocktail and your guests will love this one.  Variations […]

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Chef Robert Irvine: Recipe for Inspiration

Chef Robert Irvine is a multifaceted, multidimensional guy. Just watch any episode of Restaurant:Impossible. Robert’s part counselor, part management consultant, part demolition expert and part executive chef. He’s all that and more! Chef Robert has the unique ability to be tough when needed but also empathetic and warm.  We’ve seen countless times when Robert is […]

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Easy Ice Customer Wows Judges on Top Chef

I’ve been addicted to the Food Network since it’s inception.  I love watching food programming and cooking competitions on my downtime.  Thanks to Food Network’s success, other networks like Bravo and Fox are producing shows for foodie fanatics as well.  From Chopped to Master Chef, Restaurant:Impossible to Top Chef… I love them all! Since I’ve been […]

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Crab and Shrimp Cocktail with Mango Chili Puree

This crab and shrimp cocktail is a popular dish we serve at my restaurant Robert Irvine’s nosh.  There’s something decedent about shellfish.  The flavors are rich, yet delicate, but this recipe is low fat.   You’ve heard me tell restaurant owners on my show, Restaurant:Impossible, that shrimp doesn’t come seasoned.  For this recipe, I like […]

Chef Robert Irvine Answers Your Questions!

We asked our website followers if they had any questions for Chef Robert Irvine and we were flooded with requests.  Millions of people watch Robert Irvine on Restaurant:Impossible every week and it seemed every one of them submitted a question!  Questions ranged from restaurant management to charitable activity to hiring practices and we thank everyone […]