Program Details

Learn the details about our ice machine subscription program

Why Customers Love our Ice Machine Subscriptions!

  Customers rave about our ice machine subscriptions!  How does Easy Ice meet customer needs?  Meeting our customers’  needs regarding ice machine and ice is our goal. Easy Ice has produced the simplest and most affordable ice machine solution that’s all-inclusive. The most successful business owners invest their capital in assets where they can generate a […]

Do You Offer Water-Cooled or Remote Condenser Ice Machines?

Yes we do. However, there are additional qualifications and obligations for customers

Will Easy Ice Put an Ice Machine Outside?

Putting a commercial ice machine outside is a bit of a problem.  What’s the old adage…”never say never?”  Sticking by that, we’ll say we rarely put an ice machine outside for two reasons: The area is not a controlled environment. The area is not secure. As noted in numerous FAQs, ice machines need a cooler, […]

Can I Get Your Service if I Have Well Water?

The short answer is “maybe.” The real question is: “What is the condition of the water after it leaves the filtration system?” Here’s a quick guide to understand the types of problems well water and water filtration system cause with ice machines. If we can work with you to solve these, then we’d be delighted to provide you with an Easy Ice ice machine subscription.

Is Everyone Eligible for the Program?

Not everyone is eligible for the program. The qualifications are: Reliable customers with a track record of success. Businesses with a demonstrated year-round requirement for ice. Environments hospitable to ice machine performance. Business practices consistent with our philosophy of respect and dependability.

Does Easy Ice Offer Ice Machines for Sale?

The short answer is “no”, we do not offer ice machines for sale. The longer answer involves us explaining why purchasing is likely not the best solution for your business.  If you are open to learning about that, you have a few options: Call us at 866-327-9423. Take a look at a few of the […]

Can You Provide Extra Ice for Special Events or Additional Customer Traffic?

  If you need extra ice for a special event, we can keep your ice bin full! Also known as Peak Ice, this additional ice service is not included in subscriptions, however it is available for your convenience at an additional cost. We want to be the total solution for all your ice needs. We charge […]

How Does the Breakdown Ice Program Work?

  Breakdown Ice is a proprietary benefit of Easy Ice subscriptions.  Our all-inclusive commercial ice machines subscriptions include Breakdown Ice at no extra charge. Breakdown Ice is replacement ice to fill the ice bin if the machine is broken and needs repair.  Our 24/7 customer service team dispatches technicians to customer sites for repairs.  We […]

My Ice Machine isn’t Producing Ice, What Should I do?

If the ice machine isn’t producing, you may need a technician to come on site.  But before you call, make sure you check for these common issues as soon as you notice ice production going down: Drain: Are there any problems with the drain in your building? Is the drain inside the bin clogged by […]

Do You Offer an Ice Maker Discount for Multiple Locations?

We offer an ice maker discount to customers that have 6 or more Easy Ice subscriptions.  This program has additional requirements, so please call 866-327-9423 (866-easyice) and speak to one of our sales representatives.  We do not negotiate on pricing, as we’ve priced our service to offer the best value possible.  Whether we have 1 […]