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Here at Easy Ice, we’re thankful for a lot of things, but most of all, we’re thankful for our wonderful customers and employees. Some of our top Iceologists share what they are most grateful for during this holiday season.

Chipotle’s Food Safety Crisis: 5 Lessons for Restaurants

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Recently, Chipotle suffered some food safety issues that led many customers to feel ill. Food safety is no joke. A bad occurrence at your business can lead to tons of negative reviews and a loss of customers. We have tons of experience serving restaurants all over the nation and want to share some of our tips for maintaining a clean and sanitary business.

Food Allergies: Must-Knows for Health and Profits

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One in twenty-five people have some sort of food allergy. We talk to Paul Antico, founder of Allergy Eats, the number one online resource for allergy-friendly restaurants nationwide. He’s dishing out all the information on the leading foods people are allergic to and the benefits of creating an allergy-friendly menu for customers.

Foreign Workers, Immigration Status in Hospitality Industry

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The immigration raids involving Chipotle for two years beginning 2010 is all too familiar to those in the hospitality business.  As a result of the investigation, Chipotle fired 450 workers in Minnesota after being unable to confirm the validity of their work documents.  Many other hospitality businesses have been the target of immigration-related investigations since then. Dependable Ice for Your ... Read More

Dogs in Restaurants Fetch Profits

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Americans will spend an estimated $58B on their pets in 2014 and restaurants are realizing the buying power of dog owners.  Like their furry friends, dog owners tend to be loyal and if a restaurant accommodates their desire to dine with Fido, they’ll keep coming back. Dependable Ice for Your WorkforceWith an Easy Ice subscription, you can ensure your staff ... Read More