Customer testimonials make our day!  We’re committed to our customer’s success and our goal is to help them achieve greater profits with our simple commercial ice machine solution.

We could tell you why Easy Ice has the best national commercial ice machine program, but we think our customer say it best.


  • ”I have ice machines from Easy Ice in 3 of my Austin-area McDonald’s locations.  I like the predictable monthly cost and fast service that Easy Ice provides.  I’m really happy with their Breakdown Ice program, too.  If one of their ice machine ever breaks, they deliver back-up ice to me at no cost until it’s fixed.  Plus, their program allows me to upsize equipment if I need to do so.
I appreciate the predictability and dependability that Easy Ice’s program provides.”


  • “Easy Ice is saving me lots of money! I have been in this restaurant business for 18 years. I have always needed to go out for ice, even in the winter and even at corporate locations. Here at the Bungalow, I spent $300 every weekend on bagged ice to keep the bin full. Since we’ve had our new machine from Easy Ice, I have not gone out for ice. Guaranteed ice supply at these subscription prices is the only way to go!”

    Ryan, GM


  • ”RallyPoint loves easy ice. I lease my ice machine – it is never empty and when the health inspector looked for mold and build up he said ‘wow, I can usually find something in the gasket or top, your machine is spotless” – thanks Easy Ice for keeping it perfect.”


  • “I would tell anyone to check out Easy Ice because their people really know what they are doing. The representative has been very informative and pleasant to work with. His follow-up has been timely and precise. Questions about electricity and water supply for our new installations were answered accurately and explanations as to what contractor should be contacted for the installation prep. Our restaurants are very busy and through prompt and thorough service and follow-up, we enjoy the ease of an uninterrupted ice supply from the Easy Ice machines on site.”

    Rodger Kooser, Owner
    Al's Landing


  • “We have franchisee locations across the country and keeping our ice level high has proven to be a nightmare! Our ice machine costs for cleanings, maintenance and filtration have been outrageous, so to find a nationwide supplier who could support us at a flat, predictable fee each month was truly a Godsend! Easy Ice has proven to be a very simple one stop, go-to source for all of our franchisees who need the safest and highest quality ice. And they really mean what they say about fixing any equipment problems fast and free of charge!”


  • “I don’t typically lease equipment, so I was hesitant to move forward with an Easy Ice subscription for my 50 employees in our lunchroom. Once I ran the numbers and saw how long it would take me to break even, I knew I wanted to get a subscription with Easy Ice. I would recommend the solution that Easy Ice offers to other manufacturing concerns because of cost savings, service, cleanings and the ease of getting started. I have so many other things to deal with, I am glad to have Easy Ice take care of the supply of ice for my employees.”

    John Taylor, Owner
    Safety Technology Int'l


  • “The great economics and great service were pure and simple the reasons behind our choice of Easy Ice for our new ice machine. Like many, I am a thrifty person trying each day to save money at my club and the choice of this machine subscription was a very cost effective decision. The service personnel are very dependable and are even helping me to move my new machine into a new area of the club once the Holiday rush of parties is over. I have really been able to put all ice worries behind me.”


  • “I had some older machines that started breaking down and suddenly I had lots of maintenance and service/repair costs. One of the guys from Reddy Ice eats here regularly and he told me about subscription ice machines and the guaranteed ice supply. We now have 3 Easy Ice machines at our place. This set-up works better for us financially and I would recommend it to other upscale restaurateurs because of the value and the great customer service.”

    Derek LaVarone, Owner
    Malio's Prime


  • ”I was at the point where I was really tired of investing time and money into old ice machines. When I was complaining about this, one of our other franchisees told me to check out Easy Ice. The installation could be done in 24-48 hours and that they would bring bagged ice over to get my bin full again. And that’s just what happened. They even took my old equipment and got rid of it for no extra charges. I tried them out for awhile at one of my stores and now I have their equipment at our other site as well.”


  • “We are a classic neighborhood bar; a sort-of ‘Cheers’ right here in Beaver Falls. We have been around a while, so I get calls all the time from other establishments asking who I use for service. Everyone is always in need of service; they want things fixed right and they don’t want to get ripped off! This new Hoshizaki unit is a top of the line ice machine and Easy Ice will take great care of it so I will never need to worry about service again. The installers were very polite, quickly in and out – leaving behind no mess! I only wish we could have done this sooner! Now we will never run out during the business rush every time the car cruise rolls around.”

    Darla Davis, Owner
    Li'l Joe's


  • ”When we needed to replace the ice machine in our break area we knew we wanted one where we could turn the cleaning and service over to someone else. When we phoned Easy Ice they got back to us immediately and we liked the pricing. Then when the technician came out for the installation, we knew the choice was a good one. He went out of his way to get everything just right during the installation and we have had no service or quality issues with this machine since the day it arrived. Our people have all the ice they want and we have none of the responsibility for maintenance or cleaning.”


  • “We LOVE our Ice Machine from EASY ICE! It was so easy to get setup and we have no problems plus the water bill went down since it is a new machine. Our old one was draining our wallets on the water bill!”

    South of the Border Grill


  • “The past 4-5 years I have had one ice machine issue after another, including water filter problems, board failure issues, and so on. These were not old machines! Really I just got to where I felt “enough is enough.” I found the Easy Ice company in an online search. As of today I have 3 of their subscription ice machines between my 2 restaurants. Just the thought that I will never run out of ice because they provide back up – and that I can count on that even on the weekends when things always went wrong in the past – has changed my life!”