How to Read a Manitowoc Serial Number and Model Number

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Manitowoc Serial Number

There are many different models and styles of Manitowoc ice machines on the market. From ice dispensers, and nugget ice makers, to air cooled ice machines, there are a lot Manitowoc ice machine options out there. The Manitowoc ice machine serial number and model number can help you identify if a machine is under warranty or specifics about the ice machine.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to read a Manitowoc ice machine’s serial number and model number nomenclature.

How to Read a Manitowoc Ice Machine Serial Number

Manitowoc serial numbers on post-2006 have two numbers that identify the date the machine was manufactured and warranty information the manufacturer uses to identify if there are any ice maker components under warranty.

You can find a Manitowoc serial number’s location on the back of the ice machine.

In additional to the serial number, you should know how to read your Manitowoc Ice Maker Spec Sheet. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Manitowoc Serial Number Date Code

Manitowoc serial number date

In post-2006 models, the date the ice machine was produced is not included in the serial number. You can find the date listed above the serial number listed as “MFG DT”. A Manitowoc serial number’s nomenclature is easy to decipher. The four-digit code is listed as year followed by the month of production. For example, in the example above the label reads MFG DT 1809, the machine was manufactured in September 2018.

In pre-2006 models, the date is included in the serial number. This code uses the same nomenclature as newer models but places he four-digit code right before the serial number. For example, if the serial number is 160868304, the “0508” would mean the machine was manufactured in August 2005.

Manitowoc Serial Number Usage

Manitowoc serial number

The rest of a Manitowoc serial number is important because it provides the manufacturer with valuable information about existing warranties on their machines. If you’re running into ice machine issues and want to see if your particular Manitowoc commercial ice machine model is under warranty, you’ll likely need to provide this number to Manitowoc customer service.

Ice machine technicians may also need this number to see if any ice machine repairs are covered by the manufacturer – which saves you money in repair costs.

The number is listed on the back of the machine under the label SERIAL NO.

Information Found Inside a Manitowoc Ice Machine Model Number

Reading a Manitowoc ice machine’s model is different than how you would read a Manitowoc serial number. This 8-digit alphanumeric code tells you everything about the machine, from the ice type to the type of refrigerant it uses.

A Manitowoc model number will tell you:

  • Model Version
  • Ice Type
  • Refrigerant Type
  • Production size
  • Type of Condenser
  • And more

Model numbers are different between brands. For example, a Hoshizaki model number provides much of the same information, they’re just presented differently.

Model Version

Just like cars, ice machines go through changes and upgrades to stay up to date with emerging technology.

Manitowoc ice machines come out with new models every few years. Currently, the Manitowoc Indigo NXT ice machine is the most recent. Past models include the Q series. As new models come forth, look to see that letter change to reflect the newest technology.

A Manitowoc commercial ice machine model number uses the first letter to signify the newest model.

Ice Type

The ice type is the shape of ice the ice machine makes. Manitowoc has 5 different ice types in their machines, Half-dice, Dice, Regular, Flake, and Nugget.

In a Manitowoc ice machine model number, the ice type is found directly after the model version.

Here is a list of the types of ice below:

Refrigerant Type

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Some Manitowoc Indigo NXT ice machines use a different type of refrigerant than others. This is to meet federal guidelines for a more energy-efficient ice maker (some refrigerant is more energy-efficient than others).

In a Manitowoc ice machine model number, the letter following the ice type signifies the type of refrigerant the machine uses.

There are two types of machines that use different types of refrigerant.

  • T = R10A refrigerant
  • F = R404A refrigerant

While many ice machine owners aren’t concerned with the type of refrigerant their ice machine uses, it is important information for an ice machine technician to know.

Production Size

The Manitowoc ice machine model number will also let you know the maximum amount of ice an ice machine can produce. This is normally signified by a four-digit number, signifying the amount of ice an ice machine will produce in 24 hours. In the US, the number is in relation to pounds.

The Manitowoc ice machine production size is listed after the dash following the refrigerant type.

Type of Condenser

Manitowoc ice machines have three condenser types available on their ice makers: air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote. The type of condenser lets users know how the machine cools itself down.

Air cooled machines use the surrounding air to cool condenser coils. Water cooled ice machines use water to cool down. Remote ice machines place the condenser outside, away from the ice maker machine.

In a Manitowoc ice machine model number, the type of condenser is shown in the letter directly following the production size.

Here is a list of Manitowoc condenser types:

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