Preventing Ice Contamination with Safe Practices

Reading Time: 5 minutes Food/Ice Safety

Ice contamination
The FDA defines ice as a food, but does it have the potential to spread foodborne illness the same way as a cut of steak would? Ice contamination is a real thing, and it can make customers very sick if you’re not following proper guidelines. Let’s discuss the types of foodborne illnesses that can spread in an ice machine and ... Read More

The Dangers of Buying a Cheap Ice Maker

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ice Machines 101

Cheap Ice Maker

A cheap ice maker may seem like a cost-saving option, but it can really end up costing you in the long run. Unreliability can lead to expensive repairs and countless trips to buy ice. We show you the dangers of buying a cheap ice machine.

What Ice Machine Maintenance Procedures Should I Do Between Professional Cleanings?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Program Details

Ice Machine Maintenance Procedures
Ice machines need cleaning and attention for two reasons: To protect the machine from high temperatures and result in higher reliability. To clean contaminants that are introduced via human contact with the ice machine and storage bin. Ice Machine Maintenance Procedures Maintain Ventilation A commercial ice machine is more delicate than it looks. They require proper temperatures to maintain their ... Read More

Ice-O-Nomics: How Much is an Ice Maker?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ice Machines 101

How Much is an Ice Maker
If you’re wondering how much an ice maker costs over its lifetime, you should know that owning a commercial ice machine can cause your profits to melt! Buying a cheap ice machine is often not a wise decision. They come with unpredictable expenses and costs you can’t budget. Smart business owners strive to keep their costs as predictable as possible. ... Read More

Breaking Down Ice for Drinks, One Beverage at a Time

Reading Time: 4 minutes Small Business Resources

Ice for Drinks
One of the most frequent questions we’re asked by companies looking for a commercial ice machine is “how much ice do I need for drinks for my restaurant or bar?” There are many variables to consider to best factor your restaurant or bar’s ice needs. How large is your establishment? How many customers come through the door in a typical ... Read More

Troubleshooting a Hoshizaki 1 Beep Alarm

Reading Time: 4 minutes Troubleshooting

Hoshizaki 1 beep
A Hoshizaki ice maker uses a series of beeps to communicate important status information that can help users and technicians identify problems going on in the system. We’ve previously discussed what is means when you hear 3 beeps in a Hoshizaki ice machine, but what does it mean if a Hoshizaki ice machine is beeping 1 time every few seconds? What Does it Mean When a Hoshizaki Ice Machine is Beeping 1 Time? Technically-speaking, Single beep alarms ... Read More