300-400 lb. Cubelet Ice and Water Dispenser Bundle

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Get Chewable Ice and Cold Water in One Small Package

If you’re looking for a great countertop ice and water unit, our 300-400 lb. cubelet ice and water dispenser bundle delivers chewable cubelet ice with the push of a lever! The bundle includes the Hoshizaki FD-650-C along with the ED-150 ice and water dispenser.

Cubelet ice is popular for its chewable texture and its ability to retain the flavor of sugary drinks. If your establishment serves a lot of slushes or soft drinks, this is the bundle for you!

Our bundles come with 2 preventive maintenance visits per year which covers ice machine maintenance, machine cleaning, and routine service. Each visit includes a free water filter replacement. Paying for repairs is a thing of the past. We cover all ice machine repairs and while the machine is down, we deliver complimentary Breakdown Ice, so your customers stay happy.*

You never have to wait for a credit check or sign a long-term contract to qualify for our standard subscriptions. You can cancel at any time by simply giving us a 30-day notice. We’ll schedule a time to pick up the ice machine at no additional cost.

Stop paying for routine maintenance and cleaning. With an Easy Ice subscription, all your ice needs are covered for a low, monthly fee! Say goodbye to the stress of maintaining and cleaning an ice machine. We’ll take care of everything so you can focus on running your business.

*In the event of machine failure. For more information, please see our page entitled What’s Not Included.

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Get Easily Dispensed Cubelet Ice for Your Business

Whether you need a water and ice dispenser for your restaurant or office ice machine, our subscription bundles make it easy to pick the right equipment for your needs – along with ice machine maintenance and repairs.