300-600 lb. Standard Full Cube Bundle

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Square Cube Ice Makers for Whiskey and Cocktail Bars

Our 300-600 lb square cube ice maker bundles are for bar and restaurant owners looking for a solid, square ice cube for high-end cocktails and spirits. The 300-600 lb full cube bundle comes with either the Hoshizaki IM-500 ice machine or Manitowoc’s line of IR-series (regular cube) NXT models.

IM cubes are solid, square, 1 in x 1 in x 1 ¼ in ice cubes while regular cubes are a twist on the traditional square shape, with a unique “rhomboid” shaped profile. Both cubes are a great choice for high-end spirits and cocktails, because they melt slowly, retaining the flavor of drinks.

Standard bundles come with 2 preventive maintenance visits per year. That includes ice machine maintenance, cleaning, and production tests to ensure the unit is always operating at 100%. We also provide free water filter replacements and repairs, along with complimentary Breakdown Ice in case the unit goes down.*

Standard subscriptions don’t rely on long-term commitments to maintain your business - we’d rather earn it every day of your contract. To prove it, you can cancel at any time calling with a 30-day notice. We’ll come by and pick up your square ice machine for no additional fee.

For an affordable monthly fee, our subscriptions provide you with a top-of-the-line square cube ice makers along with maintenance and cleaning!

*In the event of machine failure. For more information, please see our page entitled What’s Not Included.

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Square Cube Ice Makers, Perfect for High-End Drinks

If you’re looking for a dependable square cube ice maker, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of owning, our subscriptions fit the bill. Get everything you need to supply your guests with great looking ice cubes – including ice machine maintenance and repairs.