600-800 lb. Ice Machine Standard Bundle

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Dependable Ice Machines for Mid-sized Businesses

Our 600-800 lb. ice machine Standard Bundle offers Hoshizaki KM Series (crescent ice) and Manitowoc Dice and Half Dice Indigo NXT models. Crescent and Dice-style ice cubes are great for everyday use. They’re clear, hard, and melt slowly.

At 600-800 lbs., this bundle is a great choice for mid-sized businesses. A 600-800 lb. ice machine provides enough ice for most restaurants and medium sized bars, like sport bars and cocktail lounges.

All of our bundles come standard with 2 preventive maintenance visits per year. Preventive maintenance includes ice machine maintenance, cleaning, and routine checkups to guarantee your unit is always producing ice. We also include free water filter replacements with every visit. Subscriptions include all ice machine repairs and complimentary Breakdown Ice to cover you during ice machine repairs.*

Getting ice for your business shouldn’t be a hassle, that’s why we don’t lock our customers into long term commitments for standard subscriptions. You can cancel at any time, just give us 30 days' notice, and we’ll pick up the ice machine – no questions asked.

Purchasing your own ice machine is expensive. Maintaining it is even more costly and stress-inducing. If you’re looking for an ice machine for your restaurant or bar, a subscription is the hassle-free business decision. Your capital should be spent running your business – not taking care of your ice machine.

*In the event of machine failure. For more information, please see our page entitled What’s Not Included.

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Ice Machine Subscription for Any Sized Business

Our ice maker subscriptions offer a hassle-free supply of ice at any size – plus all ice machine maintenance and repairs. Enjoy a dependable ice supply and let Easy Ice handle the rest.