300-400 lb. Water and Ice Dispenser Bundle

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Get the Perfect Water and Ice Dispenser for Your Self-Serve Station

For self-serve stations or office ice machines, we offer a 300-400 lb. Water and ice dispenser bundle that comes with your choice of a Hoshizaki KM-660 (crescent ice) or a Manitowoc IT-0500 Indigo NXT (Dice, Half Dice and Regular). We install either ice machine on top of our DM-200B water and ice dispenser, so customers or staff can stay hydrated at the touch of a button!

As with all our standard bundles, we include 2 preventive maintenance visits per year, which includes ice machine maintenance, cleaning, and full diagnostic tests. You also get free water filter replacements with every visit and free ice machine repairs, as well. With complimentary Breakdown Ice, we’ll send you replacement ice to serve your customers or staff if your machine ever goes down.*

With our standard subscriptions, you don’t have to sign a long-term commitment to have access to a reliable water and ice dispenser. Instead, you get everything you need for a low monthly fee.

Canceling is just as easy. Just give us 30 days' notice and one of our technicians will come by and pick up the ice machine.

Owning a water and ice dispenser means you’ll also have to pay for routine maintenance and cleaning. Not with an Easy Ice subscription! We take care of your ice equipment so you can focus on your business.

*In the event of machine failure. For more information, please see our page entitled What’s Not Included.

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Quality Water and Ice Dispensers for Self-Serve or Office Use

Whether you need a water and ice dispenser for your restaurant or office ice machine, our subscription bundles make it easy to pick the right equipment for your needs – along with ice machine maintenance and repairs.