5 Signs You Need to Buy a New Commercial Ice Storage Bin

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Last updated on July 14th, 2022 at 12:47 pm

Loss of performance is a key indicator that it may be time for a new ice maker, but ice bins require a little more inspection. Commercial ice storage bins or ice dispensers need to be sturdy and be able to insulate the ice supply. Damages to the bin or corrosion can cause bins to leak or cause ice to melt faster. In some extreme cases, mold can permeate the bin insulation and can grow within the bin walls.

At Easy Ice, we train our technicians to identify issues that signal ice bins need replacing. We do this to ensure our customer’s ice supply stays intact. If the bin is not performing up to our standards, we replace the bin free of charge.

We want to share some of our knowledge with you so your ice supply stays solid throughout the day.

Is There Rust or Corrosion Around Your Commerical Ice Storage Bin?

Given enough time, and water will break down about any surface. Your bin has three layers owners should be concerned with. They are:

  • The bin’s exterior
  • The bin’s foam insulation
  • The Bin’s interior lining

Manufacturers construct the inner lining of an ice bin to be watertight. Water from melted ice should never make its way through the foam insulation and behind the ice machine’s exterior.

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Proper installation is important if you want to prevent moisture from making its way into the foam insulation.

A correctly installed ice machine should not “sweat” moisture. An ice machine that hasn’t been used overnight should be dry to the touch. The bin should not percolate water or leak in any way.

At Easy Ice, we make sure ice machines are installed to last. We use a silicone sealant between the ice machine and the ice bin to prevent moisture from making its way behind the liner – protecting your ice bin from damage.

If you notice any corrosion or rust on the ice machine’s exterior, it likely signifies there is a leak somewhere.

Corrosion can expose the insulation to even more moisture, which can harm your bin’s ability to insulate your ice supply.

Does Your Commercial Ice Storage Bin Have External Damage?

Commercial ice storage bins are subject to everyday wear and tear. This is accepted in a busy workplace, which is why most quality ice bins have either a stainless-steel or durable plastic exterior to withstand common bumps and impacts.

However, even the toughest ice bins can receive damage that can hinder their ability to insulate your ice supply.

If you notice your ice bin has cracks or punctures that have opened up the ice machine’s exterior, you should consider looking for a new one. Once moisture gets inside the walls of the ice bin, it can lead to internal corrosion or excessive mold growth.

Is There Structural Damage to Your Commercial Ice Storage Bin?

If you have an ice bin with a few dents, it should be ok. However, if your bin has damage that affects the bin’s structural integrity, you should look to get a new one.

Structural problems can happen if a bin takes on a large dent. Another common structural issue we see is bin leg damage. This often happens when employees ty to move the ice machine. As the push the machine, the legs can bend, tilting the machine off center.

When ice machine technicians install an ice machine on a bin, they make sure to level the bin to keep the machine upright.

Many ice machine components, like float switches and water level probes, measure water level in the ice machine before it’s used for ice. If the machine is off-kilter, those components will not get accurate readings. This can harm the performance of the machine, causing issues in the ice-making process.

Keep your ice safe by cleaning your bin regularly (including biannual deep cleans!) Not sure how to clean it? Read this blog:

Does Your Ice Bin’s Interior Have Any Damage?

The inside of an ice bin is lined with a polyurethane liner that encases a foamed in place insulation. The liner is often treated with an antimicrobial agent to reduce the proliferation of molds, bacteria, or other harmful pathogens.

The liner also protects the internal insulation from moisture.

If you notice any punctures or damage to the internal that expose the inner foam, you should look to get a new ice bin. If moisture from the ice supply seeps into the insulation, it will cause corrosion or lead to mold damage.

Corroded insulation will lead to ice melting faster. Also, mold can continually grow under the liner, spreading around the bin.

Is the Ice Bin Liner Warped?

The liner of your ice bin should be rigid and securely attached to the foam insulation. If the liner is warped or “bubbling” out, that could indicate that moisture has made its way under the liner.

If you notice any separation between the liner and the insulation, consider looking for a new ice bin. You should not be able to depress the liner or see it pulling away from the bin.

Another thing to look for is moisture behind the liner. If you press against the liner and see or hear water moving around, there is a leak somewhere letting water in. This is another sign that you should get a new bin as soon as you can.

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