Ice-O-Nomics (The Economics of Ice Machine Ownership)

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Let us tell you about the financial scoop about commercial ice machine costs over their lifetime. Warning: Commercial ice machine ownership can cause your profits to melt!

Buying a commercial ice maker is not a cool decision! Well, unless you like unpredictable expenses and costs you can’t budget. Every smart business owner (this includes you, restaurant owners) strive to keep their costs as predictable as possible. Owning an ice machine guarantees years of unpredictable expenses, and who wants that?

Did you know approximately 90% of ice machine repair costs are avoidable? With frequent professional maintenance and deep-cleanings, the vast majority of repair costs can be eliminated!

The Real Economics of Owning Commercial Ice Machines

Let’s breakdown the costs of ice machine ownership:

Upfront Capital

You’ll spend thousands of dollars out of pocket to buy a commercial ice maker. If you don’t have the cash, you’ll be forced to put it on credit, adding interest charges. Don’t forget — you need to buy an ice bin and dispenser too.

Get ready to shell out at least a few hundred dollars more for delivery and installation.


More cash out the door if you own the ice machine — not good economics for your business! Routine maintenance is necessary for the machine to produce clean, sanitary ice. Maintenance and deep-cleanings of the ice maker need to be performed minimum of twice a year by a professional.

Did you know water filter replacements can cost you hundreds of extra dollars every year if you own your ice maker? Well, they will!  New water filters need to be installed every 6 months — more often if your environment is especially dusty or yeasty (industrial sites, pizza parlors, brew pubs).

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Repairs, Parts & Labor, After-Hours Charges

This is where the additional costs of ownership really add up! You can’t plan for a breakdown, so these expenses are always unexpected.  And expensive!

Have you ever wondered if you were being overcharged for parts or labor? Unfortunately, it happens. The service guy makes money when your ice machine breaks. How motivated do you think he is to really perform a thorough repair?

Need a repair on a weekend, after-hours or on a holiday? Get ready for more cash being drained from your account!  Service companies charge a premium for after-hours and holiday repairs.

Happily for Easy Ice customer, repairs are included with their ice machine subscription. Reliable ice. Predictable price!

Replacement Ice

So, the ice machine is broken (again) and you’re waiting for repair service. Your business still needs ice, right? That means you’re going to have to go to the convenience store or call an ice delivery company and pay for replacement ice. Did you know this can add hundreds of dollars a day to your operating expenses?

With an Easy Ice subscription, everything is included except wasted time, surprise expenses and hassles! Even Breakdown Ice is included when we’re unable to repair an ice machine in a timely manner.

The economics say it all: Ice machine ownership is not a good decision. You deserve a reliable supply of ice at predictable cost.  Subscriptions give you just that!

It’s not rocket science… it’s common sense!

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