The Right Type of Water Filter For Your Ice Maker

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ice Machine Care, Ice Machines 101

water filter for ice maker easy ice

The water condition in your area can drastically affect the efficiency of your ice machine and the quality of your ice cubes. Choosing the right water filter for your area’s water condition can ensure your ice machine works properly and your ice cubes stay clear and clean tasting. We show you the different types of water filters for ice machines.

How to Clean an Ice Maker: Mold and Slime Removal

Reading Time: 4 minutes Food/Ice Safety, Ice Machine Care

How to clean an ice maker Easy Ice

Mold and slime have the potential to grow in any area where yeast and moisture are present. For this reason, ice machines need extra special care to stay within health codes. In this article, we’ll discuss the environmental conditions that lead to mold and slime growth and what you can do to prevent or clean mold and slime in your ice machine.

5 Things to Fix Before Your Next Ice Machine Service

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ice Machine Care

Ice Machine Service Easy Ice

Ice machines need preventive maintenance to operate efficiently. That means, a visit from your friendly ice machine technician at least twice a year. There are a few things you can do to make their job easy and safe. In this article, we’ll tell you which preparations you can perform to make your next ice machine service easy and safe for your ice machine technician.

Ice Maker Installation: Avoiding the Dangers of Microclimates 

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ice Machine Care

Ice Maker Installation Microclimates Easy Ice

Where you install your ice machine significantly affects how it performs. You may know that ice machines produce a lot of heat, but it’s possible for the air around your unit to be much hotter than the surrounding temperature in the room. We call these microclimates, and in this article, we show you how to prevent them from forming.

How to Prevent Scale Buildup in Your Ice Machine 

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ice Machine Care

Prevent Scale Buildup Easy Ice

All water contains a trace amount of minerals that can deposit and harden inside your ice machine. The result is called scale, and it can cause problems for your ice machine if it’s not cleaned out. We talk about the type of water conditions that cause scale to form and how to clean it before it ends up costing you money in repairs.