Thanksgiving: A Time to be Grateful

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Thanksgiving is a special holiday.  It’s really the only secular holiday that everyone across the country celebrates similarly. Thanksgiving is about uniting, gathering and feeling grateful for our lives.

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Our Easy Ice family has much to be grateful for this year.  As we continue to grow, we’ve hired more staff and expanded our customer reach throughout the lower 48 states through our partnership with Ecolab.  Celebrity chef Robert Irvine joined Team Easy Ice as our Brand Ambassador, and for that we are grateful.

Although our year has been prosperous, we are conscious of the fact that many in our country are struggling economically.  No Kid Hungry’s research has found that 16 million children in the U.S. are going to bed hungry every night.  Did you know that a small donation of only $10 will help feed a hungry child 100 meals over the year?

As we sit down to a lavish Thanksgiving meal and feel immense gratitude for having food on our plates, let’s not forgot those who are not as fortunate.

Most of our thousands of customers are small business owners and we’re grateful for each and every one of them. We’re proud to support our customers with our affordable and stress-free ice machine program which allows them focus on their businesses (not ice) and further their success.

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday.  Instead of fighting the crowds at big box retailers on Black Friday, we encourage you to support your local merchants and restaurants.  The small businesses in your community will be grateful for your support.

So, what are you grateful for this year?  We threw the question out to our employees and here are some of their personal thoughts:


“I am thankful that our company provides economic security for our employees and peace of mind for our customers.”  ~ Mark, President & CEO

“I am grateful and inspired when I see people helping others for no other reason than “it’s the right thing to do.”” ~ John, Co-Founder & CMO

“I’m grateful for the beautiful white snow, warm food, comfortable job, and my loving family.” ~  Carrie, Customer Support Team

“I’m grateful that I’m going to become a grandfather next year for the 1st time!” ~ Jim, SVP Field Operations

“I am so thankful for all of the care and love everyone shows each other around this time of year. It’s as though the country is one whole.” ~ Nicole, Customer Support Team

“I’m grateful this year for my family, friends, pets and our health. I’m immensely grateful to have an engaging job that I love and have the opportunity to work with really smart and talented people.” ~ Heidi, Marketing Team

“I am beyond grateful for my children and their unconditional love, my friends and family, my job and for the ability to appreciate every single day that I am blessed with. But, most of all, I am grateful for the difficult times I have faced in my life. It is the hard times that have taught me to hold dear and appreciate the good times that much more.”  ~ Tami, Accounting

“I am most grateful for my health and the health of my family, the community I live in and our troops who serve for our freedom.”  ~ Eric, Sales Team

“I’m grateful for faith, puppies, wonderful friends, family, co-workers and a car that can easily make it cross-country to see more family!” ~ Jamie, Sales Team

“I am grateful for the dedicated team I get to work with everyday.   I am grateful for each and every customer we have the privilege of serving.  I am grateful we live in a country where we can chase our dreams.   I am grateful for an amazing family.  And I am grateful I get to watch my daughter play college basketball.” ~ Kevin, SVP MIchigan Operations

“I am thankful for a husband that loves to cook so that I can enjoy watching football on Thanksgiving day.” ~  Lauri, Customer Support Team

“I’m thankful that within my first year at Easy Ice I have met so many wonderful people, many of whom I consider mentors.  On a personal level I am grateful for my supportive family and my wonderful 3 year old malamute.  I couldn’t ask for a better or more talkative dog.” ~ Sarah Collections Specialist


Team Easy Ice wishes you and your family a heartfelt Thanksgiving filled with love, laughter and gratitude.  We invite you to share what you are grateful for this year in the comment area below.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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