Keep Ice Sanitary With Touchless Ice Dispensers

The need for safe, sanitary ice for your customers, patients, and employees is more important now than ever. Touchless ice dispensers are a great way to reduce accidental contaminations in your ice supply. Whether you run a hospital, office, or restaurant, touchless ice dispensers allow people to grab ice without risking the transfer of potentially harmful pathogens.

We've put together this helpful guide to help you choose the best touchless ice machine for your business needs.

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Our All-Inclusive Commercial Ice Maker Program Keeps Your Ice Supply Safe

Why a Touchless Ice Dispenser?

Any high-use appliance poses the risk of transferring harmful pathogens from person-to-person. This is especially the case with self-serve ice dispensers, which are harder to monitor. Standard commercial ice machines require a scoop or a push-button system to retrieve ice. Hands-free ice machines eliminate the possibility of transferring pathogens to a surface, where they can make their way onto drinkware.

Below are some of the reasons why touchless ice dispensers can benefit your industry:

  • Sonic Ice

    Germs Can Live on Ice

    While germs won’t live very long on the surface of an ice cube, they can survive long enough to end up in someone’s drink. If a customer or employee gets sick, it can damage the reputation of your business! Ice handling best practices are the key to limiting accidental ice contaminations, but a touchless ice machine can ensure your ice supply stays clean and safe.

    Does Ice Carry Germs?

  • Touchless Ice Dispensers Keep Ice Sanitary

    Touchless ice dispensers help to limit the spread of harmful pathogens that can reach your ice supply. These automated, hands-free dispensers drop ice directly into drinkware without pressing a button or lever. There are many styles of dispensers to help you protect your customers, patients, or employees.

    The Benefits of Touchless Ice Dispensers

  • Touchless Ice Bagger Machines

    Ice Bagging Machines Transport Ice Safely

    Bagged ice machines allow businesses to transport ice from place-to-place safely. Many industries, such as construction, fleet, concessions, and airlines use these machines to deliver sanitary ice safely. Our touchless ice bagging machines help prevent accidental contaminations when bagging or dispensing ice.

    Learn More About Bagged Ice Machine

What are the Different Types of Touchless Ice Equipment?

There are hands-free ice machine options that meet the needs of many industries. Below are some of the many touchless ice makers we carry:

Touchless Ice Dispensers

Our Hoshizaki and Scotsman touchless ice dispensers are fully automated and dispense ice without ever having to touch the surface of the machine. Touchless machines are a safer and more sanitary option to traditional ice dispensers. Our models produce between 260-500 lbs. of nugget ice a day. Their hands-free interface allows users to grab ice from the machine without ever touching the unit's surface.

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Get a Touchless Ice Dispenser Without Spending a Fortune

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Our team of ice machine experts can help you choose the perfect touchless ice dispenser to meet your business needs. Getting it through our subscription will save you money and spare you stress. 

Touchless Ice Machines Keep Your Business Safe