Easy Ice Supports Charity Golf Tournament

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Easy Ice is proud to have been part of Hilton Head Celebrity Golf Tournament benefiting Children's Charities of Low Country S.C.  Easy Ice believes in giving kids a helping hand and we are pleased to have contributed $2500 to the beneficiaries of the event. Dependable Ice for Your WorkforceWith an Easy Ice subscription, you can ensure your staff always has ... Read More

Emily Ellyn: Retro Rad Next Food Network Star Finalist Chats with the Iceologist

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the News

Marketing Iceologist, Heidi, recently had the opportunity to chat with Emily Ellyn, finalist on this year’s Next Food Network Star. As part of Alton Brown’s “Team Geek”, Emily won the hearts of viewers and judges with her unique Retro Rad culinary point of view and infectious energy. Emily exudes joy on camera and off. Dependable Ice for Your WorkforceWith an ... Read More

How Much Heat Does an Ice Machine Put Out?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ice Machines 101

Leading Ice Making EquipmentWe offer the most energy efficient, top-of-the-line Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice machines on the market. Request a quote So, you want to know how much heat an ice machine puts out. A few points of clarification: Remote condensers reject heat outside the building, so it generates minimal inside heat. Water-cooled machines use the water to take away ... Read More

Will Easy Ice Put an Ice Machine Outside?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Program Details

Putting a commercial ice machine outside is a bit of a problem.  What’s the old adage…”never say never?”  Sticking by that, we’ll say we rarely put an ice machine outside for two reasons: The area is not a controlled environment. The area is not secure. Leading Ice Making EquipmentWe offer the most energy efficient, top of the line ice machines. ... Read More

Can I Get Your Service if I Have Well Water?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Program Details

The short answer is “maybe.” The real question is: “What is the condition of the water after it leaves the filtration system?” Here’s a quick guide to understand the types of problems well water and water filtration system cause with ice machines. If we can work with you to solve these, then we’d be delighted to provide you with an Easy Ice ice machine subscription.