Do I Have to Perform Any Maintenance on the Ice Machine?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ice Machine Care, Program Details

Preventive maintenance is included in our ice machine subscriptions.  As part of your subscription, we will schedule and perform preventive maintenance.  We also replace standard water filters twice per year (at no cost), according to the manufacturers’ recommendations for ice machine maintenance. Routine preventive maintenance is imperative to keep the ice machines running well and to avoid extra electricity costs … Read More

We Want Ice! Behind the Scenes of Restaurant Ops

Reading Time: 2 minutes Small Business Resources

What’s going on behind the scenes of restaurant operations?  What if the ice machine isn’t working? Iceologist Kevin, VP Operations, has the scoop: The customer sitting in your establishment sees a well-oiled machine in operation. Hostesses, wait staff, bartenders, food and drinks all moving in an orderly rhythm.  Good thing they do not get to see what you as the … Read More

Stephen Hawking, Black Holes, and Ice Machines

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the News

I went to a lecture featuring Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne the other night and while I patted myself on the back for being able to follow the conversation, there were scores of casual references to principles, theorems, and postulates that are almost as incomprehensible to me as the success of the inane TV program The Jersey Shore. One such … Read More

Summer 2012 Food and Foodservice Trends

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the News

The place to learn about food and foodservice trends this summer was the Texas Restaurant Association’s Southwest Foodservice Expo.  The Iceologists were thrilled to participate in the TRA’s Expo in July!  Over 700 exhibitors and 12,000+ attendees filled the Dallas Convention Center for 2 full days of food and fun. Vendors ranged from equipment and services to technology and uniforms.  But … Read More

Commercial Ice Machines…Does Brand Matter?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ice Machines 101

  When your business needs a commercial ice machine, does the brand of the manufacturer really matter? Hoshizaki, Manitowac, Scotsman, Ice-O-Matic — is there really a difference? Restaurant owners and hotel GM’s are far less concerned with brand loyalty than with the seamless performance of a commercial ice machine.  They just want ice in the bin. All of the major … Read More

What Happens If My Ice Machine Breaks on a Holiday?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Program Details

Holidays are no different than any other day of the year at Easy Ice.  Our U.S.-based customer care team is always available for our customers. Weekends, holidays and off-hours don’t affect the quality service that you’re used to during business hours.  Our national network of service technicians allows us to guarantee service any day of the year.  If we can’t … Read More